Ralph Pelaia Jr.

Ralph F. Pelaia and Associates
133 East Tyler Street
Longview, TX 75601

For the past 35 years, Ralph Pelaia has been working in the legal profession securing benefits for personal injury victims. Pelaia has maintained an office in Longview, serving East Texas since 1987.

Pelaia, a graduate from the University of Notre Dame School of Law with Honors, began his career assisting Florida federal judges. In 1975, Pelaia began an independent practice with a deep commitment to providing civil justice to those in need. Over the last three decades, he has built a legacy of success winning cases for thousands of families suffering the debilitating effects of personal injury.

"Financial compensation through the civil court process is the only retribution for personal injury victims." Pelaia continues by saying, "You know, I learned early not to be another lawyer in a 'blue suit.' My philosophy has been to take cases that many attorneys do not find valuable. I take them because when looking at these cases from different angles, new ways are discovered for people to receive the justice they deserve."