Roger Guevara

Guevara Law Firm, PLLC
3114 W. Commerce
San Antonio, NY 78207

Roger Z. Guevara has been practicing law in San Antonio, and South Texas since May 1985. Roger Z. Guevara was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas . He attended St. Mary’s University and Thurgood Marshall School of Law where received his Juris Doctorate. His primary goal is to assist you with your legal needs. Roger Z. Guevara has over 36 years of successful Trial experience in Personal Injury Litigation, and Insurance Litigation.

Roger Z. Guevara has practice in the State Courts of the State of Texas and the Federal Western District Court of Texas, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. and the 5 th Circuit Court of Appeals. Roger Z. Guevara is licensed to practice in the Texas Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

The Guevara Law Firm PLLC, is A Professional Corporation that believes in the Rule of Law. Our Motto is “Truth is our greatest weapon.” We strive to achieve the best results in every case.

Roger Z. Guevara is an experience trial lawyer who has represented many satisfied people in San Antonio, and throughout Texas. We will seek justice for you before a jury in a trial which is the ultimate way of seeking the truth.