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Ross C. Goodman, a native of Las Vegas,became a criminal defense lawyer after concluding his commitment with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves (Major). As a second generation Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, Ross Goodman is the legacy of the Honorable Oscar B. Goodman, Esq. OC - 3 term Mayor of Las Vegas and named one of the"15 Best Trial Lawyers in America".

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Goodman is dedicated in providing each client personalized service and attention to detail. His level of commitment in understanding the legal issues involved in each matter has garnered a series of Not Guilty and Multi-Million Dollar verdicts and settlements. We know that keeping clients out of the courtroom can often be the best strategy through negotiation, mediation or other alternative means but when the time comes to take a case to trial, Ross C. Goodman's broad trial practice is invaluable.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Goodman specializes in these serving clients charged with these Criminal Offenses:

DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving / Driving Under The Influence

If you are charged with DUI in Las Vegas, there are many ways to counter the charge. Attorney Ross Goodman investigates the scene of the charge or arrest and defends by looking at the facts, usually, the police and the clinic lab results are inaccurate, and this level of expertise can only be found in experienced DUI attorneys like Ross.

Drug Crimes

Las Vegas is sometimes misunderstood to be a city that tolerates some level of recreational drug use of Marijuana, Heroine, Meth, Cocaine and the likes -- This is entirely untrue and infact Las Vegas has very strict laws and punishment to those who are found using Drugs illegally. If you are charged with a Drug Crime, do not take it lightly.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, Battery and Assault are difficult cases as there is often a lot of misleading testimony by jealous spouses,  couples , girlfriends and boyfriends. Only the most experienced criminal attorney can handle this level of deceit, lies and accusations. Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney Ross Goodman knows how to approach your case to the Las Vegas courts and get you your chance of defense against such charges.

Ross C. Goodman will approach your case with the same commitment and attention to detail that puts you in the best possible position to win!

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