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Scott Blair is the founder of Brain Injury Law of Seattle. Brain injury work is his passion. For the last 25 years, Scott has proudly helped folks with brain injuries get the specialized treatment they need to get their lives back together. Scott understands that the effects of brain injuries are often complex and subtle, and can have a variety of profound effects on a person if they are not recognized and dealt with in a timely fashion. Scott is the first lawyer in the country to recognize the importance and prevalence of pituitary injuries in brain injury cases, and to passionately start educating and alerting the rest of the legal profession on the importance of such injuries. He has also led the charge on helping brain injury victims get the help they need for pituitary and hypothalamic injuries, which are present in nearly half of all brain injury cases causing hormonal imbalances and sleep disturbance. Because of his pioneering work in this area, Scott has been asked by many lawyer organizations, brain injury foundations, and even the Veterans Administration to help train brain injury workers, medical staff, social workers, lawyers and others on how to screen for and spot pituitary injuries. Because of his passion for helping TBI victims and training other attorneys on handling TBI cases, he has been asked by the Washington State Association of Justice to Chair its annual Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar both times it has presented this seminar in the last three years. He has also been asked by several other State Trial lawyer organizations to teach other lawyers throughout the US on how to spot pituitary injuries and help TBI victims get the help they need. He has been recognized by the medical profession as well for his passion in helping TBI victims.

In addition to his passion for representing TBI victims, Scott is also an accomplished trial lawyer who has tried more than 75 jury trials over the course of his 34 year career. As a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming, he has a passion for trying cases. His passion has been recognized by other attorneys, and has often been asked to train other Washington lawyers in the art of trying cases or assist them in trying TBI and injury cases. His willingness to try cases often makes the other side's insurance carrier recognize that offering a full and fair settlement is preferable to a large verdict against their insureds.

With Scott helping you, you will always have a sympathetic ear, a passionate and knowledgeable advocate at your side, and a willingness to help you get the medical help you need to get your life back.