Sean McDermott

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Sean McDermott’s practice focuses on both defending people who have been charged with crimes as well as representing those who have suffered wrongs in the civil arena. His combined criminal and civil trial experience has earned him a pre-eminent AV Martindale Hubbell rating. Mr. McDermott was on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar from 2006 until June 2014. He served as the organization’s President from 2013 until 2014.

Prior to going into private practice, Mr. McDermott served with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office. During this time Mr. McDermott represented clients in courts in the metro area and around the state. He continues to represent clients accused of crimes at both the State and Federal level.

Mr. McDermott has defended all kinds of criminal cases, including major felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses. His career has included several acquittals or successful dispositions or dismissals of cases involving homicide, assault, sexual assault, drugs, kidnapping, and alcohol-related offenses. He strives to have serious criminal charges dismissed prior to trial and to assist his clients to avoid prosecution when they are still under investigation. He is an ardent believer that everyone who is criminally charged should have an excellent attorney to ensure a fair in light of the power of the criminal justice system. This can only be achieved by vigorous and professional representation of a client, both as the client’s advisor outside the courtroom and his or her stalwart advocate inside the courtroom.

Since going into private practice, Mr. McDermott has continued his successful criminal practice while expanding his skills as a civil trial lawyer. He has successfully handled and recovered compensation for his clients in cases that include (but are not limited to) automobile wrecks, premises liability claims, and insurance disputes. In both criminal and civil cases, Mr. McDermott’s focus is always on helping the individual client.