Sina Zadeh

Sina Zadeh Law Firm
1001 McKinney St. Suite 803
Houston, TX 77002

If you are facing criminal charges that stem from an Assault, DWI, Theft, to any other possible charge in the state of Texas, do not risk your future in the wrong hands. Attorney, Sina Zadeh, is a former Harris County Prosecutor who left the office in December of 2019. He never lost a trial in both the Misdemeanor and Felony courts and this was a direct outcome of his work ethic and perseverance. No other criminal attorney will work as hard or advocate as zealously for you than Sina Zadeh. Attorney Zadeh handles Federal and State cases.  He has trial prepped more than approximately 400 cases, ranging from DWI, Theft, Assault of a family member, Aggravated Assault, etc.

The experience gained as a Harris County Prosecutor allows for a unique and insightful perspective, vital to optimize results for your case.