Stacey Goad

Goad Law, LLC
1111 Bull St
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 209-9000

Goad Law is a strategic and aggressive criminal defense firm with years of legal experience both in metro Atlanta and Savannah, GA. Stacey Goad has won hundreds of jury and bench trials garnering unrivaled experience in matters ranging from DUI to Murder. Attorney Stacey Goad focuses solely on criminal defense.

Why does that matter? Most law firms do not have a concentration. Instead, they practice a little personal injury, a little small claims, a little family law, and a little criminal law. Because of this, criminal law clients often do not receive the help or the respect they deserve. Stacey's clients are her top priority. Each client receives her cell phone number and an email address that is checked regularly, 7 days a week.

Avvo Clients' Choice 2015 Criminal Defense

Her clients will tell you, she answers the phone, she responds to emails, and she gets results for her clients. Stacey fights for the rights of good people, just like you, accused of criminal conduct in the Coastal Empire and beyond. For years, she practiced as a well-respected, prosecuting attorney. Now, that experience benefits her clients every day. Stacey used to build cases for the State of Georgia.

Now she tears them apart. If you or someone you love has a legal question- do not wait. The worst mistake you can make is to hesitate. Law enforcement can, and will, use any permissible tactic to convict you of a crime. Make sure you have an aggressive advocate on your side to prevent this from happening.