Steven Babin, Jr.

Babin Law, LLC
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Columbus, OH 43215
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Steven loves being a lawyer. It gives him the opportunity to help real people. Steven believes that all people deserve justice, not just the rich and powerful. And, he considers it a privilege to fight for the rights of individuals that have been harmed by large corporations. As the founding member of Babin Law, LLC, Steven believes that lawsuits are won by hard work, attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to ethics. In his day to day practice, Steven leads the charge for complex mass tort and class action matters throughout the country. He serves in leadership positions for some of the largest cases in the state of Ohio and the Country. CASES WE TAKE Babin Law, LLC handles cases for individuals that have been injured by dangerous and defective drugs, medical devices, and consumer products. The firm also takes personal injury cases including car accidents and medical negligence. Additionally, the firm takes cases for employees that have not been paid for every hour worked, or time and a half for every hour worked over forty hours a week. Dangerous and Defective Drugs and Medical Devices Click the links below to see some of the cases we are actively litigating: Hernia Mesh Valsartan 3M Combat Earplugs IVC Filters Unpaid Wages and Overtime When a company does not pay you for all hours worked, that is called wage theft. And it is illegal. If you are required to work off the clock, or not paid overtime for all hours worked over forty, you might have a lawsuit. Class Actions Class actions are an important tool for holding companies accountable for violating the rights of consumers. A class action is a lawsuit that includes a group (or class) of Plaintiffs that are harmed by a Defendant’s actions. Often, class actions include cases where many people were similarly harmed, but the individual damages are small. A class action provides a tool to include the entire of group that was harmed in one lawsuit. Some examples of cases that are well suited for class actions include: Robo calls from debt collectors or advertisers (when you are on dot no call list) Illegal background checks. When employers pull background reports without sending you a copy Overcharges on a cable or cell phone bill A company may claim a product is “Made in the USA” when it isn’t Misleading or deceptive advertising A bank that charges overdraft fees that violate the terms of the bank’s own policy Personal Injury Babin Law, LLC handles catastrophic personal injury cases. If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, scooter accident, plane crash, or another type of injury accident, we can help. We stay up to date on medical treatments and technology, and thoroughly investigate every injury claim. Our attorneys are familiar with all types of injuries including: Traumatic brain injuries Closed and severe head injuries Spine and neck injuries Back injuries and dysplasia Injuries to children Burns Concussions Amputation injuries Eye injuries Broken bones and fractures Soft tissue injuries