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Steven Benvenisti, Esq. is a personal injury attorney as well as a catastrophic injury survivor. As a partner in Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C., one of New Jersey's largest personal injury law firms, Steven brings to each injury case he handles a firsthand knowledge of what it is like to have a serious accident disrupt your life.
As a college senior six weeks from graduation from Trenton State College, Steven Benvenisti nearly lost everything when a drunk driver's vehicle jumped a curb and struck him while he was walking down a street in Daytona Beach. Steven had not used alcohol that night, but another young person's bad decision to drink and drive left Steven with a life-threatening brain injury, crushed lower legs, other fractures, open flesh wounds and significant blood loss. His head went through the car's windshield, and the impact of the collision tossed his broken body 70 feet. He was in a coma for 10 days. Initially, with brain bleeding and swelling, his survival appeared in doubt. The doctors, preparing for the worst, asked his parents for permission so they could be ready to harvest his organs.

Through six months in the hospital, 15 major surgeries, countless prayers from family and friends, and a two-and-a-half-year struggle to walk and talk again, Steven made a full recovery from his physical and brain injuries. He graduated from college with high honors, went to law school, passed the bar exam on the first try and became trial attorney.

Steven's recovery from the ordeal inspired his choice of careers and his lifetime crusade. As a personal injury attorney, he chose to represent other DWI injury victims as well as people with catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. He pursued special training in trial litigation and is among only 3 percent of New Jersey lawyers designated by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a board certified Civil Trial Attorney. From 2010 through 2018, he has been selected to be on the list of New Jersey "Super Lawyers. He also has appeared on the National Trial Lawyers list of "Top 100 Trial Lawyers."

He also made a lifetime commitment to warn teens and their parents of the dangers of drinking and driving. He has devoted his legal career to representing injury victims, accident prevention, volunteer work and public awareness.

He is on the national Board of Directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, and the New Jersey Police Crime Prevention Association. He authored Spring Break: A True Story of Hope and Determination to support his crusade to raise awareness of drunk driving and end DWI accidents.

Approximately 20 times a year, Steven Benvenisti serves as a motivational and keynote speaker to medical and rehabilitation associations, high schools, universities, judicial conferences and trial lawyer associations. His program "The Most Significant Case of My Career" has touched hundreds of thousands of people. He has been featured on local and national television as well as newspapers and radio programs.

One word: Inspirational! This morning's presentation opened up my eyes. I thought it would be like every other DWI presentation, but I was completely wrong! I would never have imagined that victim would have been you. You are like a miracle man. In my opinion, you were born on this planet for that specific reason: to inspire teenagers and flip their perspective of DWI. I never thought it was that bad, in fact, I would always get in cars with intoxicated people, thinking NOTHING could ever happen. This presentation really touched my heart, and I never thought someone could get to me as much as you did. You are a couragous, strong, valiant, patron, brave, fearless benafactor, determined person. You are a hero? Point blank.
Bogota HS Sophmore

This assembly was probably one of the most memorable assemblies I've been to. When you were was talking about this college student's condition after the accident, I thought to myself that this student would be physically and mentally impaired for the rest of his life or maybe dead by now. When you revealed that you were the college student, it took me a moment to process it because it is amazing how he fully recovered from that and had the courage to talk about something so traumatic. The impact it had on me was that with determination you can overcome anything. It also made me think of a quote I heard "The harder the fall, the greater the ascension" You are living proof that this quote speaks true.
Fair Lawn HS student

I mean I can't even describe the feeling I had when I heard your story. It takes a lot of courage to even relive that moment with many different schools. I just think about all those different people that have been in a similar accident and weren't even close to living and those families that cared and lost a part of their lives. That story can change millions of peoples lives because it makes anything possible. Thank you for coming to my high school. Your story touched me and everyone else.
Wood-Ridge HS Senior

Making a Contract for Life

Steven shows his gratitude for his recovery and life by honoring a lifetime promise Steven made to himself. He pledged that if he was able to recover from his catastrophic injuries despite the long odds, then he would do everything he could to help those with brain injuries and to put a stop to drunk driving. Benvenisti waives 100 percent of the honorariums for his speaking appearances and asks that the inviting organization donate the money directly to a worthwhile charity.

His goal through his speeches is to convey to young drivers the dangerous and life-changing consequences of drinking and driving? How in the blink of an eye your entire life or the lives of others can be altered in unimaginable ways by the consequences of a bad decision.

Too many people still disregard the consequences of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. More than 100 people die in alcohol-related accidents in New Jersey each year. DWI accidents are the single largest cause of deaths of teens in New Jersey and across the country. Each of these alcohol-related deaths is preventable.

Steven asks teens who he speaks with to consider a lifetime pledge of their own. When he addresses school groups, he urges teenagers to sign the "Contract for Life" that he created and trademarked. By signing the contract, the teen pledges never to drink and drive and never to accept a ride with anyone who has been drinking.

It is a contract between teenagers and their parents, allowing teens who have consumed alcohol to call their parents for a No Questions Asked ride home. As part of the contract, parents shall not punish or ask questions of their teens about their behavior, but rather to recognize their good judgment to call for a ride. His contract for life has helped thousands of young people survive their teenage years. You can learn more about the Contract for Life here.

Honors and Recognition for Inspiring Work

Steven is a well-known advocate for driving safety. In more than 26 years of making safety presentations and trying to have a positive impact, Steven has received many awards as well as recognition from federal and state government:

U.S. Senate Official Proclamation
U.S. Congressional Citation
U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
Executive Proclamation by the Governor of New Jersey
N.J. Joint Senate-General Assembly Legislative Resolution

His recent awards include:

Helen Hayes Hospital Outstanding Achievement Award
Kessler Foundation Neurorehabilitation Award
B.C. Bar Foundation Annual Lawyer Leadership Award
Brain Injury Association Annual Leadership Award
Brain Injury Association of N.J. Annual Mimi Goldman Award
Citizen of the Year
Business Man of the Year
N.J. Citizen Police Academy Award
Criminal Justice Award
Community Education Award
The Policing Bureau Award
END DWI Law Enforcement Recognition Award
N.J. Traffic Officers Paul St. Mauro Award
Volunteer Excellence Award
EMS Excellence Award
Hackensack Medical Center's Trauma Prevention & Education Award
Receive Help After a DWI Accident
Steven Benvenisti is committed to doing everything possible to prevent drunk driving accidents. When serious crashes are caused by drunk drivers, he and his fellow attorneys at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C., are committed to providing compassionate and skilled legal representation to the accident victims and holding the at-fault drivers accountable for their actions.

The firm's practice areas include auto accident, drunk driving accidents, motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability and workers' compensation. Since 1981, the law firm has secured more than $350 million in verdicts and settlements for clients.