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Steven J. Hammer

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Attorney Steven J. Hammer has years of experience defending clients charged with very serious crimes in both State and Federal Courts throughout the State of Florida. Mr. Hammer has earned the highest possible Martindale-Hubble "AV" rating, which is a direct result of the firm's ethical, client-oriented code of conduct. His extensive preparation and outstanding courtroom reputation often keep most cases from trial and generate superior results. Mr. Hammer has thousands of satisfied clients whose rights have been protected by his skilled and aggressive legal defense strategies. He and his team believe that early intervention is critical to successful results and being proactive in a criminal case can often make the difference between facing misdemeanor or felony charges, or whether or not any charges are filed at all!

Practices in the following areas of law:

State and Federal Criminal Defense; Criminal Trial Practice; Appellate Practice; Homicide; Death Penalty; Drug Trafficking; White Collar Crime; Search and Seizure; Criminal Forfeiture; Probation and Parole Violations; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Driving Under the Influence (DUI); Traffic Violations.