Tania Rivas

Rivas Law Group
17513 N. Dale Mabry Hwy
Lutz, FL 33548

An auto accident is a traumatic event that is life altering. In an instant, everything changes. Victims and their families suddenly have to figure out how to piece their lives back together, knowing it will never be the same. I come from a family who understands what this feels like. It is because of their story that I am devoted to bringing new hope to others.

My family originated in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. They lived a peaceful and comfortable life. But when Fidel Castro rose to power, everything changed dramatically. Stripped of their freedoms and all they had worked for, they courageously left their homeland and migrated to the United States. Life was forever changed. They came with nothing but hope for a new future. Thankfully, after many years of struggle and hard work, they were able to piece their lives back together.

Raised by this loving family in Tampa, Florida, I was immersed in Latin culture. I embraced it all; from the Spanish we spoke, to the rice and beans we ate every day. With the little they had, they sacrificed and poured into me so that I could have hope for a better future. I knew early on that I wanted to be a lawyer and carry on the legacy they envisioned the moment they stepped on U.S. soil.

I was blessed to marry my high school sweetheart, Ben, during my senior year at Jefferson High School. For many, the dream of becoming a lawyer seemed unattainable in light of my young marriage. But with Ben’s love and support, I pressed on toward that dream. In 2001, I graduated from the University of South Florida and later in 2005, received my law degree from Stetson University College of Law. We now have two beautiful children, Trey and Bella, and I am forever thankful for our life together.

My faith in Christ is a huge part of my life. Ben and I are members of Idlewild Baptist Church, where we enjoy serving and going on mission together.

This is who I am. It’s my passion to bring hope to others. As a lawyer, I bring hope to my clients by taking the burdens off their shoulders and safeguarding their future. As a Christian, I want to be obedient to Christ and His word so that others may receive the greatest hope of all, which can only be found in the truth of the Gospel.