Ted Ruzicka

Davis Bethune & Jones, LLC
1100 Main St., Suite 2930
Kansas City, MO 64105

Ted is driven by his passion for using the law to help level the playing field so those that have been
marginalized and hurt by large corporations can seek justice. Ted's practice is dedicated to helping his
clients hold wrongdoers accountable. Ted takes personal pride in working up all facets of litigation
legal research, briefing, expert discovery, to trial.

Having grown up in a family of lawyers, Ted developed his presentation of oral argument skills at an
early age. This trait carried over into law school, where he was awarded to the Order of Barristers an
award honoring the top graduates demonstrating outstanding ability in the preparation and
presentation of oral argument.

Ted's trial skills have allowed him to achieve great successes for his clients. Ted has tried numerous jury
trials and bench trials in both State and Federal Courts. Ted has also successfully argued in front of the
Kansas Court of Appeals. Although Ted is always preparing his cases for trial, he also understands the
best result for a client may be a creative resolution outside the courtroom. For that reason, Ted focuses
on listening to the needs and desires of his clients and is always working for their best interest.