Theodore Barnes

The Law Office of Ted Barnes
8 Court Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 225-5663

In New Hampshire, I have a reputation for effectively serving clients with a broad range of needs. Finding the right lawyer is an important step in handling your legal case and you want to work with someone who already has earned that reputation for being a fighter and a leader. I got my start in the legal field when I attended Boston University for two years, then took a break from formal education to work various jobs, including three years in northern Appalachia, working on legal problems of the rural poor. That experience inspired me to become an attorney and return to my education.

I returned to college at the State University of New York, working as a teamster to finance my education. I graduated with honors and then worked my way through the Franklin Pierce Law Center (now known as the University of New Hampshire Law School), graduating in 1980 with a Juris Doctor degree. After passing the bar in 1980, I opened up a solo law practice in Concord. A few years later, I began sharing office space with two other lawyers and later formed a partnership. I have been a name partner in several law firms since then, and currently, maintain a solo practice located right next to the Merrimack County Superior Court in Concord.

In my civil practice, I have helped burned children; auto accident victims; elderly tenants. I have helped small business owners of all kinds -- farmers; painting contractors; dentists; builders; retailers. In criminal law, I long ago let the local Courts know that I would accept cases at the judges' request, on behalf of people who could not afford to hire their own lawyers. There was plenty of business. I ended up spending much of my time on criminal defense, and have since handled thousands of cases for many people in different economic situations. Judges in Courts around the State have called upon me over the years to accept troubled, or troublesome, clients; and difficult cases that most lawyers decline to handle, including murder cases. I am honored to have become recognized over time as one among the handful of New Hampshire lawyers qualified to defend those accused of Major Crimes.