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Areas of Practice:

Roundup Chlorpyrifos Anti-Terrorism Actos Zostavax  


Washington and Lee, BA; University of Richmond School of Law, JD    Timothy Litzenburg has spent the bulk of his career battling the manufacturers of cancer-causing products. That kind of undertaking is akin to David v. Goliath, but he has found that when the truth is on your side, the playing field becomes more level. Formerly a defense lawyer, Mr. Litzenburg began representing injured persons in mass tort litigation in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, he tried six multi-week trials in five states, resulting in five plaintiff's verdicts in the multi-millions related to Actos, a pharmaceutical drug that causes bladder cancer. These comprised six of the eight Actos trials in the national mass tort litigation. These victories helped pave the way for an approximately $4 billion settlement, compensating nearly every injured person who made a claim.  Mr. Litzenburg continues to prosecute pharmaceutical cases, but in 2015 he expanded his practice to also focus on Roundup, an herbicide manufactured by Monsanto that causes non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Mr. Litzenburg was able to set the first case for trial, Johnson v. Monsanto, in June 2018 in San Francisco.  After approximately 7 weeks, that trial resulted in a landmark $289 million-dollar verdict for his dying client, Dewayne Lee Johnson.  In the course of that litigation, Mr. Litzenburg was appointed as co-lead of the consolidated Roundup litigation in California, JCCP 4953.  Mr. Litzenburg has joined forces with two of Virginia's most able injury litigators to form Kincheloe, Litzenburg and Pendleton PLLC.  The firm is dedicated to mass tort litigation. Suing giant corporations on behalf of those injured by their products, particularly cancer sufferers, is the focus of his practice.  Mr. Litzenburg has lectured and published nationally on taking mass tort cases to trial, and has appeared extensively in national and international media, including: the Washington Post, Bloomberg, the New York Times, CNN, Headline News, Fox News, Le Monde, and the Dr. Drew show.  Some of those links appear below.  Mr. Litzenburg continues to exclusively represent people across the country who have suffered devastating losses as a result of drugs and chemicals, including Actos (bladder cancer), Roundup (non-Hodgkin lymphoma), Zostavax (shingles and other related injuries), Chlorpyrifos (learning disabilities from in utero exposure), Xarelto (hemorrhage and other related injuries), as well as Iranian-made weapons used on U.S. servicemen and civilians abroad.  Mr. Litzenburg prides himself on client communication, which sets KL&P apart from some of the other mass tort law firms.  He provides his personal cell phone to his clients to ensure he is accessible to them.  He looks forward to helping you or your loved one and invites you for a free consultation on your case at any time.