Timothy Whiting

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Timothy M. Whiting is a Nationally board-certified truck accident* trial attorney. Tim and his team fight hard for the full measure of justice for his clients who have been harmed by the negligent conduct of trucking companies, drivers and other entities involved in the transporting chain. He cares about the hardship his clients endure and works hard to reduce the stress of seeking justice so clients can focus on their health and their families.

Tim is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Wisconsin. As a personal injury trial lawyer, Tim has represented victims of trucking accidents, auto accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice and serious personal injury cases across the country, winning jury verdicts and settlements in over 10 counties across four states.

Since 2019, Tim has committed his time solely to the representation of individuals or their loved ones who have been harmed in trucking crashes.

Tim has received Board Certification in Truck Accident Law from The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). To qualify for this prestigious certification, Mr. Whiting was required to demonstrate extensive legal experience in truck accident law, as well and meet rigorous objective quality standards as required by the NTBA. This prestigious board certification is proof of Tim?s hard work, dedication and success in representing clients who are victims of trucking accidents across Illinois, Wisconsin and other states across the country.

"If someone hires a board certified truck accident attorney, they can now rest assured that this lawyer's credentials have been fully vetted and their knowledge has been thoroughly tested," explains Joe Fried, ATAA co-founder.

As Tim is focused primarily on representing victims of trucking accidents, has gained extensive experience and success in of holding trucking companies, truck drivers and others in the transportation chain accountable for the death, damages and harm caused when they are operating their 80 thousand pound trucks, trailers and loads on the roadways unsafely.

To further his own understanding in representing victims of truck accidents, Tim obtained a Commercial Driver?s License (CDL). After passing intense testing and driver training, Tim is legally qualified to drive a 18-wheeler truck. This experience has allowed Tim to have a better understanding of how to safely operate a semi-truck and trailer and what may have gone wrong that led to his clients or their loved ones being harmed in a trucking accident.

Tim is not against the trucking industry and drivers and motor carriers who are committed to safety. He is only working tirelessly to hold those responsible for a truck wreck when they are no committed to safety and their unsafe practices that lead to needlessly endangering the public who share the roadways with these large trucks.