Travis Siegel

Siegel Law
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Suite E
Tustin, CA 92780

As a young man Travis witnessed first hand the devastation that someone's negligence can have on a family. Travis' nephew was born with severe brain damage due to a doctor's malpractice. The heartbreak, the lost promise, the family challenges and the financial destruction it cost Travis' family caused young Siegel to vow to stand up for people like his nephew and family. He vowed to become a personal injury attorney representing people who had been seriously injured by someone's negligence.

To the surprise of many, Travis passed up his opportunity to play professional baseball for what he considered a much higher calling. He decided he'd rather standup for injured people than entertain baseball fans. He'd rather hold wrongdoers accountable for the negligence than be a baseball star.

Travis graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law with a J.D. in law. When Travis is not in the office he can usually be found with his two dogs, Lady and Cooper, who are both adopted. When he is not working on a client's case or out with his two dogs, it is not unusual to find him watching a game.

Bar Admissions: California