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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Tray Stephany believes in vigorous defense for each and every client accused or under investigation for a crime.? Tray believes in the United States Constitution and defends the rights given to us all. Tray Stephany was born in Cleveland, Ohio.? He graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology in 2004.? Becoming a trial lawyer was the dream since elementary school.? In 2005 Tray moved to Michigan to attend Thomas M. Cooley School of Law.? In law school Tray was placed on the Dean's List and the Honor Roll for academics. Tray studied for the Colorado Bar Exam in a remote area of Montana (without a bar refresher course) and upon passing the exam he rented an office in Englewood, Colorado site unseen.? The same day Tray was sworn in as an attorney he happily drove to his office and began building his criminal law practice.? The rest is legal history in the making. The mantra of the Law Office of Tray Stephany is as follows. Building a law practice the old fashioned way: quality work and solid reputation. People often hear about a case on television or the newspaper and immediately form an opinion.? The same instant opinion formation occurs in the courtroom.? The Law Office of Tray Stephany understands people and the given situation.? A good life may take a lifetime to build but could evaporate in an instant.? This office is dedicated to solid criminal defense.? Trials welcome. Tray proudly defends clients against felony and misdemeanor charges throughout Colorado. Tray Stephany is a member of the following: Colorado Bar Association Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Denver Bar Association Admitted to practice law by the Colorado Supreme Court. To schedule a free consultation call the Law Office of Tray Stephany at 303.981.0594. Online: