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Trenton Garmon is an advocate for people and considers it an honor to battle major insurance companies, large corporations and other powerful people or entities on behalf of the injured, those who have lost a loved one and those whose civil rights have been violated.

Trent’s father was an attorney, Leon Garmon, Esquire, who served the people of North Alabama for over forty (40) years as an attorney. While in high school, Trent clerked for his father. At the age of seven-teen (17), he wrote his first successful court filing which was a Response to Motion for Summary Judgment along with the supporting brief. While a sophomore in college, Trent wrote a brief to the Court of Civil Appeals which overturned a Circuit Court Judge’s improper ruling. The law was eventually changed in part to reflect the opinions expressed in Trent’s brief some sever (7) years before (See Fielding case & Ex Parte Bayliss).

Trent graduated from Troy University and Birmingham School of Law. While at BSL, Trent and Christopher Word, Esquire organized the Christian Legal Society for which he served as the Chaplin. He also clerked for Clay Hornsby with Morris, Haynes and Hornsby. He has earned a Masters in Theology from Regent University and has translated two (2) books of the Bible from Koine Greek. During his time in seminary he served as an Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church with Pastor Jim Pugh and then eventually as an Associate Evangelist with Evangelism International.

His legal experience includes having brought over one hundred (100) cases from onset through litigation to a rhetorical trial to judicial decision. Of those he lost three (3) with two clients having elected to proceed ethically “against legal advice” which was signed off in writing. And the other client unexpectedly committed perjury on the stand. He has serviced or managed well over four thousand cases (4,000). He has represented a medical malpractice victim’s family collecting $2 million dollars in a case the defense called meritless. He has sued Sheriff’s, Division 1 Universities, Fortune 500 corporations and powerful individuals for his clients who were damaged and/or harmed. He has made exclusive appearances on CNN & MSNBC. He has also appeared on global and local television to include CBN, Fox and others. He has worked on cases with the American Center for Law and Justice and made television appearances on local television to include Law Call, the Attorney’s and for Fox 6 On Your Side with Rhonda Robinson. He has also been retained as paid counsel by the prestigious national public interest foundation, The Thomas More Society.

He served administratively on cases achieving a $20 million and $5 million verdict, as well as a $40 million settlement. He has personally won hearings and trials at every level from Municipal Court, Administrative Hearings, Circuit Court trials and in Federal Court cases. He has represented a state Supreme Court Chief Justice, a City Council Member, the disabled, the falsely accused, the families of those tragically killed, the unborn and countless others. From catastrophic injury cases, wrongful death cases, civil rights breaches to those who were injured in a wreck or buy a dangerous product, Trent has and continues to battle for people.

Trent completed his undergraduate at Troy University in Business with Honors. He was a dual student athlete playing both football and baseball at the college level. While at Troy University he started on their college football team as the center. This team played both Miami and Nebraska being the only team in the country to play the National Champions and the runner up national champions in the same year. Some experts consider the 2001 Miami Hurricanes to be the greatest college football team in history. Trent also played Maryland, Central Florida and that year Troy beat Mississippi State on their homecoming. He played on the team with over a dozen athletes who ended up playing professionally in the NFL. In high school, Trent was a two year Super All-State, Pigskin High School All-American and played in the Alabama-Mississippi High School All-Star game where he started as the right tackle.

Prior to going to Troy, Trent spent 2 years in the system of West Point having completed their basic training or “Beast Barracks” and playing on the team that competed in the 100th Army-Navy football game. He received an appointment from Vice President Al Gore to attend the Academy. He completed training to include rappelling, road marching 3, 5, 7 and 15 miles, close combat and weapons training, among others. As a challenge by his squad leader during the gas chamber portion of his basic training at West Point, Trent successful recited “The Corp” after removing his gas mask in the midst of fuming tear gas to earn his squad a coveted pizza party. He was one of only two freshmen or “plebe” cadets to routinely travel with Army’s Division I-A football team to include games at Tulane, Appalachian State, Air Force Academy, South Florida and to other Division IA programs. He became a recognized cadet of “The Corp” in 2000.

He was born in Gadsden, Alabama, June 16, 1979 and is admitted to the Alabama State Bar, the United States Federal Court Middle District, the United States Federal Court Northern District. He was appointed to the prestigious Alliance Defending Freedom’s Honor Corp in 2013 for serving one-hundred fifty (150) hours per year of pro bono services for three (3) consecutive years.

After a fabricated revocation of a bond, Trent has also spent twelve (12) days in jail. Four (4) of those days were in maximum security where his life was threatened twice. He alleged the charges were false and framed. He literally practiced law from jail using their messaging system and his paralegal’s freedom to settle a case, generate letters and continue the general legal workflow of his practice at the time. He was found “Not Guilty” by a jury and thus acquitted and released Holy Wednesday the week of Easter that year.

From Trent’s time playing college football and having been in the Army, he sustained several injuries and was left with a partial physical disabilities. He had six (6) surgeries in five (5) years and suffers from diagnosed “chronic physical pain” today. He believes God allowed his injuries and now physical pain to be a reminder of the need to help his clients in their pain and hours of darkness.

He deeply loves his #dearestfriend and wife (Holly) and their five (5) children. The #garmonchildren, Sydney, Judah & Josiah (twins), Sarah Grace and James, are the apple of his eye. He is a practicing evangelical Catholic who attends St. Jude’s Cathedral of St. Petersburg, Florida, St. James of Gadsden, Alabama and St. Paul’s of Birmingham, Alabama. He also participates in service at The Church at Wills Creek. He has served as a pastor. Trent believes in the Nicene Creed, knows he is a sinner, strives to be a saint and has faith in the Jesus of the Bible. Trent is considered a dual-resident of Alabama & Florida.

He loves his Lord, family, the law, good food, authentic relationships and football.

Trent Garmon will fight for you!

Practice Areas: Personal Injury; Wrongful Death; Civil Rights Cases; Automobile Accidents; Trucking Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; Bicycle Accidents; “Ferocious Animal” (Dog) Bites; Fall and Dangerous Premises Cases; Products Liability; Traumatic Brain Injury Cases; Surgical Cases; Spinal Injury; Nursing Home Litigation; Elder Abuse; Legal Malpractice; Medical Malpractice; Workers Compensation; Social Security Disability and Insurance Bad Faith.