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Contending with criminal charges and investigations can be daunting. The parts of your life you value most hang in the balance: your family, your job, your liberty. For more than a decade, Tyler Bliss has successfully helped individuals who find themselves in these situations. A serious, client-centered approach is at the core of his practice.

If you are facing charges or an investigation, you need someone with the experience to efficiently and effectively conduct an investigation, review evidence, and fight to win in court in order to protect your rights and liberty. Tyler Bliss’s approach has earned him recognition as a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star, a distinction given to less than 2.5% of attorneys, for the last seven years.

If you are charged with a crime or have knowledge that an investigation may be ongoing, you need an ally. Now is the time to manage your situation and get your life back. Call Tyler to set up a free consultation today.

Every legal challenge has its own contours. An allegation of accounting fraud and a claim of self-defense have many differences, but the process of understanding the issue and pursuing a defense follow much of the same structure. These are a sampling of the areas Mr. Bliss works in. Give his office a call to discuss your specific situation and put together a roadmap to get beyond the issues you face.

Defending Your Rights
If you are facing an investigation or charges, the problem can seem insurmountable. Your situation requires focus and expertise. Tyler Bliss has experience with helping clients with a range of charges from complex fraud to sexual assault to murder. He is ready to address your situation with humanity, discretion, and determination.

Tyler Bliss has helped hundreds of clients find sure footing. He handles state and federal charges in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and beyond. He is ready to help.

Recent Results

Here are just a few of Tyler Bliss’s recent results:

Following nearly a year of contested litigation, First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Allegations were dismissed.

The client received only probation in theft by swindle case involving more than $500,000.

A heroin charge was thrown out even though Mr. Bliss’s client had already pled guilty to the felony charge when Mr. Bliss was retained.

Domestic assault charges dismissed at beginning of trial following months of litigation.

Not Guilty verdict at a trial of Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct following litigation that included investigation in West Africa.

Dismissal of Failure to Register as a Predatory Offender charge following investigation and litigation.

Treatment instead of prison in Child Pornography case where Mr. Bliss worked with the client to address issues early and effectively.

Treatment but no prison sentence for client operating a Meth Lab