William Campbell

William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law
925 NW Sixth Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 232-2953

Mr. Campbell began his legal career when he received his Legal Intern license in 1980, while still in law school. As an intern with a highly respected Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer he learned the extent Federal and State Governments would go to obtain convictions. When he became a fully licensed attorney in 1982, he opened his private practice which has been in continuous operation since that time. While the practice has engaged in many areas of the law, the primary focus has been criminal defense. One aspect of the firm which this focus benefits is the ability to spot potential criminal prosecutions in matters which on the surface appear to be either civil or administrative. Mr. Campbell has made these observations on many occasions and forewarned the client of the possible criminal aspects of their case. Many of these have resulted in the filing of criminal charges which the client was, by reason of the firm's foresight, been ready to defend.

The firm has also encountered many clients charged with criminal offenses who believing themselves to be guilty were determined not to have committed the crime charged. The firm makes a detailed study of the facts of the case, provided first by the client, and the anticipated evidence of the prosecution, then measures those against the legal requirements as stated by the State or Federal law. He has obtained Not Guilty verdicts in jury trials admitting the facts but denying the crime.

Mr. Campbell believes that a strong defense is built on a position of strength not surrender. It is the policy of the firm that every criminal case accepted for representation is treated as a matter which will be tried to a jury. By taking this approach the prosecution is presented with a resolute and determined defense intent on representing the best interests of the client. The result of such approach, has over the years, proven to be more advantageous to the client than taking a "just get me a plea bargain" approach. In cases where a plea is appropriate the willingness to try the case will often make the prosecution more reasonable in negotiations.

The firm has successfully represented men and women charged with a wide range of criminal offenses including First Degree Murder, Racketeering, Rape, Conspiracy, Drug Offenses, Robbery, Theft, Embezzlement, Arson, Child Abuse (Sexual and Physical), Federal and State gun charges. The firm has been successful in getting charges reduced or dismissed due to police mis-conduct or violations of the clients constitutional rights. These violations by the government have resulted in the court ruling that certain evidence or statements would not be useable against the client. This severely limits the matters which can be presented by the prosecution to the jury. One example of this was a case in which Mr. Campbell successfully got two arrests, a confession and eight and one-half ounces of cocaine thrown out due to an illegal search and seizure. In another recent case he obtained a ruling from the court determining the police had illegally obtained statements from the client and the court would not let the prosecution use the ill gotten statements.

The firm also represents members of the U.S. military in actions brought under the UCMJ, including Article 15 (known in some services as NJP) actions. Having successfully tried matters to military courts Mr. Campbell understands the necessity of a service member having counsel not subject to the chain of command structure. Military matters also require a pre-existing understanding of the system due to the speed with which they move. Mr. Campbell served on active duty for more than 10 years with the United States Air Force, this experience has enabled him to negotiate matters with in the chain of command which would be unknown to non-veterans.

Mr. Campbell, being an instrument rated private pilot, has represented certificated airmen facing enforcement actions for violations of FAR's or other certificate actions.

The firm has also represented clients in State and Federal appeals courts. Mr. Campbell has successfully represented clients in both the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. He has also successfully represented clients in the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit and has orally argued cases before that high court on many occasions. Mr. Campbell is also admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States and has filed Petitions for review in that august court which were defended by the Solicitor General of the United States.

In addition to the court matters Mr. Campbell has been a guest lecturer to the Oklahoma Assembly of Presiding Judges where he made a presentation to the members on the Oklahoma Corrupt Organizations Prevention Act, a state version of Federal racketeering law. He is the author of State and Federal Racketeering: Comparison and Contrast (1995 unpub.) which was presented to each member of the Assembly at the time of his presentation. Mr. Campbell was one of the first lawyers in Oklahoma to argue the State racketeering law to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Mr. Campbell has served as an administrative law judge for the Oklahoma State Department of Education. He is also a past Department Judge Advocate for the State of Oklahoma, American Legion. He is also a previous or current member of the American Bar Association, Oklahoma Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, National Rifle Association, Air Force Association, Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association, American Legion and a Life Member of NAHC.

Mr. Campbell was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, national scholastic honors fraternity while an undergraduate for conspicuous scholarship. He received an American Jurisprudence Award for scholarship while in law school, prior to being awarded his Juris Doctor degree


All Federal Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime, Racketeering, Death Penalty, Murder, Assault and Battery, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Military charges and specifications.


BA -Oklahoma City University - 1977
JD - Oklahoma City University - 1981


Administrative Law Judge, State Department of Education
Judge Advocate, State Department of Oklahoma American Legion

Oklahoma Bar Association
Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Federal Bar Association,
Phi Alpha Theta


Oklahoma, 1982
U.S. Supreme Court, 1991
U.S District Court, Western District of Oklahoma, 1982
U.S District Court, Eastern District of Oklahoma, 1983
U.S District Court,Central District of California, PHV, 2009
U.S District Court,District of Kansas, PHV, 2010
U.S District Court,Northern District of Oklahoma, PHV, 2011
United States Circuit Court of Appeals: 10th Circuit 1982


Recipient, American Jurisprudence Award in Agency and Partnership Law
Recipient, Professional Advocate of The Year, Criminal Defense 2014
Recipient of Jack Dempsey Pointer Criminal Justice Act Panel Memorial Mentor Award, (For training aspiring federal court criminal defense lawyers) 2017
Recipient, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Jack Dempsey Pointer, Jr. Champion for Criminal Justice Award, 2018


"State and Federal Racketeering Law, Comparison and Application," - Oklahoma Assembly of Presiding Judges, 1995, 1998
Ethics and Professionalism in Criminal Law - NBI, 2009
Use of Demonstrative Evidence in a Criminal Trail- NBI, 2009
Federal Practice by The Numbers: Understanding the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, 2012
Discovery of Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases- OCDLA, 2012
Keynote Speaker: Oklahoma Rifle Association- What To Do After The Shooting, 2013
Keynote Speaker: Oklahoma Rifle Association- "Constitutional Carry", 2015
When Worlds Collide: A short history of state law, federal, and guns OCDLA, 2016
Seminar for Judges: An Overview of The Oklahoma Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act- Administrative Office of the Oklahoma Courts, 2016
State RICO- OCDLA, 2016
Criminal Justice Panel Training: The Fundamentals of Federal Criminal Defense, 2017
Federal Firearms Issues in Daily State Law Practices, 2017
Federal Firearm Prosecution Traps for the State Practitioner, OCDLA Annual Meeting, 2018


U.S. Air Force, 1968-1979
In his limited spare time Mr. Campbell is an avid instrument rated pilot.
He also enjoys spending time in the outdoors where he has hunted many North American big game animals including deer, elk and bears.