Ylber Dauti

Dauti Law Firm, PC
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The Firm represents a diversified group of clients, both individuals and companies, in civil and commercial litigation, and international business law transactions. We use our knowledge of every aspect of the law to develop innovative strategies for negotiating and litigating with a single objective: to reach the best results for our clients in the shortest possible period of time. The Firm is also able to provide a broad base of domestic and international legal services to businesses and individuals seeking guidance and legal representation in the areas of cross-border transactions.

Mr. Dauti is an attorney licensed to practice law in several parts of the World. He is admitted to the Bar of the State of New York and he is also admitted to practice law before the United States of America Federal Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Additionally, he has passed the respective bar exams and is a duly licensed attorney-at-law law in Albania, and he is a duly licensed Solicitor of England and Wales (non-practicing). He is a graduate of University of Tirana Law School (JD equivalent), Central European University (LLM in International Business Law) and University of Connecticut School of Law (LLM in US Legal Studies).

Mr. Dauti is a member of the International Bar Association, American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Association of the Bar of the City of New York,The Law Society of England and Wales, and The International High IQ Society. He speaks several foreign languages and has written on various business law topics, such as: Corporate Takeover Issues in European Union and United States of America, Foreign Direct Investment in China and India and "Investing in South Eastern Europe - Foreign Direct Investment in the Stability Pact Countries", a co-authored book published by European University Press (2005).

Prior to founding The Dauti Law Firm, P.C., Mr. Dauti was a Trial Attorney, for five years, with two highly respected New York City Law firms. He also served as the General Counsel of a US Corporation with international business activities.

Mr. Dauti has successfully tried and settled numerous civil, international business and commercial actions for his clients. He has also successfully defended companies and wealthy individuals in various contract and business legal actions. Mr. Dauti has represented clients in the negotiation and drafting of various international contracts and has advised them on matters involving the legal aspects of doing business in various international markets.

Mr. Dauti has been Trial Counsel on civil matters that have created legal precedent in the State of New York. Numerous favorable court decisions and jury verdicts on matters where Mr. Dauti has acted as Trial Counsel have been published in New York Law Journal and Jury Verdict Reporter. In 2009, New York Law Journal (most prestigious legal publication in the United States) published on its front page, an article titled "Jury May Consider Immigrant's Status in Damages" written by Daniel Weise, senior editor of New York Law Journal, where he analyzes the decision of a Supreme Court Judge in a case where Mr. Dauti was the Trial Counsel for plaintiff and the Jury awarded a seven-figure verdict to his client even though the client was subject to deportation at the time of the work-related accident and at the time of trial he was still in immigration proceedings. This was the first time that a Jury and Judge in New York State had to render a verdict and decision on a civil action where plaintiff was still in immigration proceedings at the time of trial.

Gotham Gazette (New York City newspaper) also published an article titled "Political Intrigue in a Civil Action" written by the Honorable Emily Goodman, Judge of New York State Supreme Court, where she described the odyssey and drama that unfolded during the jury trial where Mr. Dauti was lead Counsel for plaintiff and the Jury awarded a seven-figure verdict in favor of Mr. Dauti's client despite of the client's immigration

Mr. Dauti has successfully argued various matters before the Appellate Courts. Million and multi-million dollar awards and verdicts won by Mr. Dauti have been published by Verdict Search and New York Law Journal and ranked amongst the top New York verdicts and awards for five years in a row: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Mr. Dauti is also a life member of Million-Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forums, where less than 1% of US lawyers have achieved the required professional results to qualify for membership and have become members. Additionally, Mr. Dauti - due to his extraordinary achievements - has recently been selected by his peers as a member of New York Super Lawyers/Rising Stars, an honor bestowed upon only 2.5% of the New York Lawyers.

According to the most recent annual publication of the New York Law Journal/Verdict Search Report of December 23, 2013, Mr. Dauti secured the largest award for one of his clients in the premises liability category in the State of New York for the year 2013. He also secured the largest award in the year 2012, for another client in the same category, thus, making him the first attorney in New York to have secured the largest awards for two years in a row in such category, since New York Law Journal/Verdict Search Report started publishing the annual rankings.