B.S.-Free Marketing Strategies You Can Start Implementing Today

B.S.-Free Marketing Strategies You Can Start Implementing Today
Wednesday, Oct. 24 @ 3:00 PM EST

There’s a lot of “fluff” marketing tactics floating around in the legal industry, and not all of those tactics produce tangible results. Even more frustrating is that these tactics often take a lot of time and resources to implement, which can be a burden for busy law firm owners like yourself.


Well, on Wednesday, October 24th at 3:00 PM EST, our friends at Crisp are hosting a free online event for attorneys who are looking for actionable, results-driven marketing strategies that produce results without the fluff.


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This webinar will cover:

  • How to humanize your brand
  • How to create content millennials give a sh*t about
  • Why you should give back to your community
  • How to make millennials a fan before making them a client


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Webinar: Using YouTube to market your law firm

With more than one billion hours of video content consumed on YouTube every day, it’s been ranked as the world’s second largest search engine.

In addition, 81% of marketers rank YouTube as one of the most valuable social media platforms for their business. YouTube is a prime opportunity for you to improve your law firm’s organic search placement while also promoting thought leadership within your industry. And with more than 1.5 billion users, it’s also a prime opportunity for you to market your law firm.

Are you using YouTube to market your law firm? If not, maybe it’s time! Join Crisp Video Group’s Content Strategist Baillie Ward on Wednesday, August 15th at 3:00 PM EST for The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Advertising for Attorneys.

This webinar will cover:

  • The opportunity YouTube provides for law firm owners
  • An overview of YouTube’s advertising options
  • How to leverage YouTube’s advertising platform within your marketing strategy
  • Tips and tricks to boost viewership and establish thought leadership using video content

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Watch the Recording of “How to Get New Business from Your In-Person Marketing”

business developmentWhat: Watch the video recording of the webinar, “How to Get New Business from Your In-Person Marketing”

Who: presented by Larry Bodine, the Editor of The National Trial Lawyers website and Sr. Legal Marketing Strategist of LawLytics.

Why: You will discover:

  • Top business-generating techniques of rainmakers.
  • Getting quality contacts at social functions.
  • Networking with a purpose.
  • Easily connecting with people.
  • Your 30-second commercial.
  • Creating a crowd where everybody knows your name.
  • Getting referrals from clients.
  • Getting referrals from professionals.
  • Being active in an organization.
  • How to get on the Board of Directors.
  • How public speaking generates new business.
  • Follow-up faux pas.

Watch the recording at:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/8873050430818621707

Learn from an expert

Are you marketing more these days and getting less in return? Then you are the perfect attorney to watch our free webinar that reveals the most effective in-person marketing techniques that reliably produce new business.

Many attorneys are frustrated because they devote effort and money to grow their law firms, and they get the feeling that some or all of it is wasted. For answers, you’ll want to hear from attorney Larry Bodine.

Larry, who is the Editor of The National Trial Lawyers website and Sr. Legal Marketing Strategist of LawLytics, has been advising lawyers on business development since the 1990s. He will cover the face-to-face methods that reliably produce new files and new clients.

In-person marketing is essential to growing a law firm. Larry will present the best of tried-and-true plus shiny-and-new business development techniques that will work for you.

We’ll cover where clients come from, the 4 tactics that rainmakers use to get new business, networking with a purpose, elements of a 30-second commercial and getting referrals.

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine

About our presenter:

Larry Bodine is a marketing writer and editor who helps law firms get more customers and generate more revenue with content marketing. An attorney, journalist and marketer, he brings the skills to business messaging that produce results.

He is the Editor of The National Trial lawyers website and Editor of the soon-to-be launched News.law website

Bodine is the Senior Legal Marketing Strategist for LawLytics, the #1 choice for websites for small law firms.

Recent projects include:

  • Law Tigers association of motorcycle attorneys: 28-page
    downloadable e-book on niche marketing
    , and two email marketing
    campaigns with 10 messages per campaign.
  • LawLytics Legal Marketing Suite: Developed the web strategy for a local Maryland law firm to become the national source of information about Taxotere mass tort litigation. see https://www.gilmanbedigian.com/taxotere
  • Mass Tort Nexus: wrote daily blog posts for an educational company about product liability cases involving dangerous drugs and medical devices. See https://goo.gl/RwKnsi
  • Larry Bodine Marketing Blog: author of a legal marketing blog for more than 15 years on business development for attorneys. https://www.larrybodine.com/blog
  • Lawyers.com: served as editor-in-chief of consumer website for LexisNexis for three years.

Since he launched his consulting practice in 2000, Larry has advised more than 250 law firms — as large as a 3,000-lawyer global law firm and as small as a husband-wife litigation boutique – on their business development strategies and tactics, and Web
sites. For more information, see www.LarryBodine.com. He is a cum laude graduate of both Seton Hall University Law School and Amherst College.


Podcast: The fine print in legal advertising

law news, trial lawyer, aaj, atalaIf you advertise, you’re probably already familiar with the byzantine advertising rules placed on lawyers. In this podcast from Lawyerist on the Legal Talk Network, Megan Zavieh talks about ethically problematic marketing strategies for lawyers. Ms. Zavieh is a California attorney who represents other attorneys facing ethics investigations and prosecutions.

‘The Trial Lawyer Marketing Method’

Why Legal Directories Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing StrategySuccessfully marketing law firms has become a unique method unto itself, and now one entrepreneur is recommending some of those techniques to other businesses. Entrepreneur Tony Verner says his strategy, which he calls The Trial Lawyer Marketing Method, “helps you intimately understand your prospects and market to create a “big idea” that leads your prospects through your case argument so they become your customer.”  Read more about how legal marketing can work for non-legal businesses in this article at Entrepreneur.

How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

When lawyers prepare for trial, they want to have as much information as possible. Even if there is information that can hurt their clients, lawyers want to know what it is so they can be prepared to respond to that information if it is brought up in court. The same principle applies when lawyers reach out to potential clients through their Internet marketing efforts. To optimize lead generation websites to ensure they are as effective as they can be, Internet marketers need to have as much information as possible. However, in too many cases, marketers aren’t reviewing crucial information. This can be the equivalent of a trial lawyer neglecting to ask a client accused of murder where he or she was on the night in question. It can leave the lawyer woefully unprepared and result in a less-than-optimal outcome.

Validating and tracking these conversions allow Internet marketers to know exactly how many actual sales leads their website generates, and precisely which source generated them all. This, in turn, gives clients the information they need to accurately evaluate the ROI of their online marketing efforts and optimize them to create more leads.

The value of implementing lead validation and tracking is based on the information it provides. When Internet marketers rely solely on the raw conversion data from Google Analytics, they only get part of the story. Those raw conversion numbers don’t distinguish between true sales leads and other types of conversions such as incomplete form submissions. The conversion data also does not provide marketers with the sources of all conversions. This makes it difficult to determine which sources are the most effective at creating sales leads. What’s more, the numbers don’t include phone calls that originate from the website, potentially ignoring a large segment of sales leads.

These are all reasons why it is in your best interests to implement lead tracking and validation in your lead generation website. Although building these features into your Internet marketing campaign may require some additional effort on your part, it has the potential to save you a considerable amount of work by streamlining your website and making it perform more efficiently. When your website is optimized, based on the complete information provided by lead tracking and validation, you don’t need to work as hard to gain new customers.

Optimizing your website with lead tracking and validation involves building the appropriate code into your site’s infrastructure as well as partnering with a vendor that can track phone calls for you. If you’re interested in implementing lead tracking and validation in your website and getting all the information you need about your potential clients, the following presentation will take you through the process step by step. You don’t want to go into a trial without all the information about your case you can get, so don’t make that mistake when reaching out to new clients.

Author Bio: Matt Cannon is Director of Web Services at Straight North, an Internet marketing company in Chicago that specializes in SEO, PPC and web design services. He manages all web development activities, making sure that every project is applying current development standards and techniques.