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Representing George Zimmerman - Mark O'Mara

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Florida Super Lawyers 2013

On a picture-perfect day about 10 years ago, a couple of lawyers took advantage of a day off to go waterskiing with some friends on the St. Johns River north of Orlando.

The sun was warm. The river was perfect. Everyone was having a great time. Joe Flood was at the wheel of the boat and Mark O’Mara was in the water, waiting for his chance to ski.

As Flood—who once worked with O’Mara at the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office—tells the tale, O’Mara said, loudly but very calmly, “Hey Joe, let’s go.”

The group on the boat was laughing and talking. What was the hurry? But O’Mara called out, “We really need to go now.” Still cool as James Bond asking for a martini.

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