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Request Digital Credentials

The National Trial Lawyers encourages our active members to use our digital badge and/or personalized digital certificate. Only current members are granted permission to display our badge or digital certificate, making it one of our most valuable and exclusive benefits to membership.

Why should you display your badge and digital certificate?

  • To announce and display your hard-earned professional achievement to current and potential clients, peers, and colleagues
  • As a visual verification of your active National Trial Lawyer status

Where are the best places to display your badge and digital certificate to maximize your NTL membership recognition?

  • Your firm or personal website
  • On your email subject line
  • Within printed or electronic marketing materials
  • On social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

You will automatically receive an email with access to your credentials upon joining/renewing.

Please fill out the following form if you joined/renewed your membership prior to the launch of this new feature (or need us to resend your credential email).

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