Apple e-book trial: 5 things to watch for

Washington Post; June 3, 2013 Apple’s showdown with the Justice Department on alleged price-fixing of e-books begins Monday morning, in a case closely watched across media and entertainment industries grappling with their transitions to digital businesses. It is rare for … Continue reading

FDA Gives Avandia another Look

MedPageToday; June 3, 2013 A reassessment of the results of the RECORD trial by independent reviewers has turned up similar results to the initial report, possibly signaling new life for the embattled diabetes drug rosiglitazone (Avandia), according to FDA documents. … Continue reading

Supreme Court Upholds DNA Swabbing of People under Arrest

NBC News; June 3, 2013 The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the police practice of taking DNA samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime, ruling that it amounts to the 21st century version of … Continue reading

Arias to Speak to Jury Deciding Whether She Lives or Dies

CNN; May 21, 2013 (CNN) — Whether Jodi Arias lives or dies is now in the hands of a jury. She will address its members directly Tuesday morning. Arias said earlier this month that she would rather die than endure … Continue reading

Lawyers Can Seek Fees Even if Vaccine Injury Claims Were Too Late

Thomson Reuters; May 21, 2013 (Reuters) – Lawyers who file claims on behalf of clients alleging injury from a vaccine may recover their legal fees even if the claim is dismissed as untimely, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday. … Continue reading

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to New Concerns

NewsInferno; May 20, 2013 While study results have been mixed over the issue of cell phones and the radiation they emit and the dangers they present, some credible experts are taking another look at the ubiquitous devices. A nurse at … Continue reading

When Are Legal Fees Voluntary?

Forbes; May 21, 2013 According to many self-made millionaires, the times legal fees are voluntary – or quasi-voluntary – are ALL THE TIME. The general process is that lawyers do legal work and they send a bill. Sometimes they get … Continue reading

Nurses Allege Violations of California’s Labor Laws; May 20, 2013 Bellflower, CA: On the list of violations of California labor law, failure to pay employees has to be high. After all, pay is one of the main reasons – if not the only reason – most … Continue reading

‘We Can Light Our Water on Fire,’ says Fracking Victim; May 19, 2013 Carroll County, OH: Joe and Dawn live in a part of Ohio that has seen a boom in the gas, oil and shale industry. And with it has come a fracking problem, to the point where … Continue reading

Florida Nursing Home Faces Sanctions Over Client Treatment

NewsInferno; May 16, 2013 A Florida nursing home is facing a fine and state-mandated probation for failing to report allegations of abuse and to implement procedures to prevent abuse. Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration has determined that three of … Continue reading