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Allan Wilson Wages

A. Wages Law Firms
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Allan Wilson Wages
A. Wages Law Firms


Personal Injury
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death
Medical Malpractice
Social Security Disability
Product Liability
Wills and Probate
Civil Litigation


West v. Shelby County Healthcare Corporation,
Tennessee Supreme Court, December 19, 2014


Memphis State University Law School (J.D., 1978)

University of Tennessee at Knoxville (B.S., With Honors, 1975)


Super Lawyers (Personal Injury - Plaintiff), 2013-2016

Mid-South Top Lawyers, Memphis Magazine, 2015


Board Certified Lawyer (Civil), National Board of Legal Specialty Certification

American Association for Justice (formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America)

Tennessee Association for Justice (formerly Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association): Board of Directors

Judge, Millington City Court

Tennessee Municipal Judges Conference


Youth Basketball Coach

Youth Soccer coach

Born in Shelby County, Tennessee, December 6, 1953

Why I became a lawyer

My father was a smart man. He only went to the second grade but he knew more than a lot of folks ? doctors, lawyers, professors, etc. He was a sharecropper from Mississippi who later became a successful business man in the furniture business. He always said, though, that in his lifetime the small retail business person would be put out of business by the large chain. He was right.

At an early age, it seemed like all I ever saw was the "little guy" getting squeezed out by the big guy, whether it was the small retail business person or the blue-collar worker or the widows and children. I saw how my mother was treated by the legal system when, following my father's death in a tragic and unexpected plane crash, she was handed the responsibility of raising a 14-year-old. She was a homemaker with no job, no business experience and had never driven a car. Other than Mr. C.A. Davis, she was handled in a rude, condescending manner by all of the folks she came in contact with in the legal system, in settling my father's estate.

The lawsuit that she and others filed against those that they felt responsible for the deaths of my father and others was lost ? thrown out by the judge ? in favor of the government.

I am a trial lawyer, and I am very proud to be. There has always been a Goliath in this country, but as long as the people had the right to legal representation and a jury to decide their fate (something which the brilliant leaders who drafted our Constitution knew many years ago), then we all have a chance. Those chances are dwindling, and time is running out.

Don't be misled by "tort reform," "runaway juries," "greedy lawyers" and the like. These are nothing more than a smokescreen to put pressure on legislatures to take away the rights of the individual at the hands of the almighty corporation. There is only one thing that scares the almighty corporation: that is you, a jury. When the corporations are allowed to use their power and influence to set money damages at $250,000, which is what they want and are pushing for now, they will have managed to strip away the time-honored fundamental right of U.S. citizens.

Maybe if I hadn't been born in the circumstances I was born in, I would feel a little differently. Perhaps if I had gone to Yale and Harvard instead of Jackson State Community College, Memphis State and UT, I would be more "enlightened" and see the world through different eyes. I am sort of glad to see the world through the eyes I am looking through now."

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