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Ambrosio Rodriguez
The Rodriguez Law Group
Los Angeles,

After you or a loved one has been arrested, the only question you?ll have is: ?Whom can I turn to and trust that has the training, expertise and knowledge to fight and defend me or my loved one.??? With over 13 years as a Senior Deputy District Attorney,?Ambrosio E. Rodriguez?is the?criminal defense attorney?you turn to when everything is on the line.

Experience You Can Trust
While at the D.A.?s Office, Mr. Rodriguez led the prestigious?Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit?and then became one of only four Senior Deputy D.A.?s in the?elite Homicide Unit.? As a Homicide D.A., Mr. Rodriguez tried almost every type of murder case including the ultimate case: Death Penalty cases.

Mr. Rodriguez has an unmatched record of wins in the courtroom and he knows how ?the system? works.? After 13 years as a decorated Senior Deputy D.A.? Mr. Rodriguez doesn?t just know??the system,??he was??the system.??Not only did Mr. Rodriguez receive unparalleled practical training as a criminal trial attorney, he received his formal legal training at the prestigious Georgetown University, earning his law degree in 1997.

After prosecuting over 1,000 cases Mr. Rodriguez knows how prosecutors and police investigate and put together a case against you.? More importantly, he knows the mistakes that they usually make and the shortcuts that they take. ?As your?criminal defense attorney, Mr. Rodriguez will use his expertise and knowledge to your advantage either in negotiating a plea or taking your case to trial in front of a jury.

Many times it is not the facts that may result in a great plea deal for your case, but the savvy, expertise and professionalism of your attorney when he presents your case to the prosecutor and the judge.? Mr. Rodriguez knows what prosecutors and judges are thinking and he knows what they need to hear in order to plea down or even dismiss your case.


Georgetown Law School, J.D. (1997)


  • Former Senior Deputy D.A. ? 13 years
  • Team Leader ? Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit
  • Promoted to the elite Homicide Unit


Death penalty cases are the most serious cases that come before the court. Only the most trusted, experienced, and skilled Deputy D.A.s handle death penalty trials. Mr. Rodriguez was one of them.

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By Ambrosio E. Rodriguez
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