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Anthony DelNero
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Anthony T. DelNero represents clients in both State and Federal court across the State of North Carolina. A very large part of Anthony’s experience comes from his time at the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office, which comes in extremely handy in representing his clients against the State of North Carolina. His inside knowledge and insight into the process the State goes through in examining and proceeding on its cases has been a major asset to his clients and his criminal defense practice. 

 Anthony began his time with the District Attorney’s office on the Misdemeanor team where he handled everything from traffic citations and small amounts of marijuana charges up to the most serious of misdemeanors including assault on a female, sexual battery, and DWI. During that time, he tried a countless number of cases, including hundreds of DWI’s. He then moved up to the misdemeanor appeals team where he gained valuable trial experience in front of a jury as well as handled all of the felony probation violations for the office. After the appeals team, Anthony was promoted to the felony drug team. There he handled all types of drug cases ranging from a small amount of any type of drug up to major drug trafficking cases. 

 Anthony also has years of experience with criminal defense. He left the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office in March, 2018 out of a desire to help people. He remained at the same private firm up until 2023 when he left to strike out on his own and begin building his own practice. During his four years at the private firm, he only practiced criminal defense. He has represented hundreds of clients in everything ranging from minor traffic tickets to very serious felonies, including murder. The experience he received and the connections that he made with the District Attorney's Office has been invaluable in his criminal defense practice. Knowing how a prosecutor will analyze a case and being able to think not only like a defense attorney, but as a prosecutor as well, gives Anthony and his clients an advantage.

 Originally from upstate New York, Anthony was born in a small town called Endicott. He attended the University of Albany for his undergraduate degree. During his time there, he received a federal internship at the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York where he drafted and published the opinions of the court. Upon graduation he was accepted into Albany Law School under a Founder’s Scholarship where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree in 2014. During his time at Albany Law School, Anthony interned for the Albany County District Attorney’s office for two years. He also worked with Prisoner’s Legal Services of New York where he reviewed cases from inmates who adamant they were innocent of the charges they had been previously convicted of. 

Anthony moved to Charlotte in early 2015 to escape the harsh upstate New York winters in search of warmer weather. He left the prosecutor’s office due to a desire to help people. He understands that no matter what crime a client is accused of committing, all crimes are serious matters to those who are charged with them and to their families and will treat each charge as such. Anthony will do everything within his power to gain a dismissal, reduction of, or an acquittal of the charges, if at all possible.

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