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Ashley Rossman

Nicolet Law Office, S.C. - Eau Claire
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Ashley Rossman
Nicolet Law Office, S.C. - Eau Claire
Eau Claire,

Many people have had an experience in their lives when they’ve been unfairly harmed.

In these situations, most people feel disrespected, ignored, and unsure of their next steps.

When our clients at Nicolet Law come to us in this condition, it’s our job to not only take the time to explain what their options are – but also to truly listen to what they’ve been through and offer genuine support.

Growing up outside of Milwaukee, I always had an inkling that I would enjoy a legal career. 

However, after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Finance & Risk Management Insurance, I took a job in risk management. The experience showed me the administrative side of insurance companies that would become helpful later in my career, but I soon decided that I wanted to take the plunge and give law school a try.

Not long after I started at Marquette University Law School, I realized that I had made a good decision. I enjoyed dissecting procedural aspects of a case and simplifying those aspects so that people could better understand a situation. 

I also participated in the Jenkins Honors Moot Court Competition. My team reached the semifinals and was awarded second-place overall brief in the competition. What I loved about Moot Court was that it presented an opportunity to gain experience arguing a position and responding to challenges on the spot.

During law school and after obtaining my J.D., I worked at an insurance defense firm. There, I had a first-hand look at the insurance process, which allows me to inform my current clients about the difficulties they could be facing in a case.

Over time, I’ve learned the importance of allowing my clients to have their stories heard. When we are faced with difficult situations, all any of us want is for someone to help us keep going. I am dedicated to telling my clients’ stories in a way that achieves the result they want and helps them look forward to better days.

Outside of the office, I enjoy listening to live music and exploring the parks and lakes around Milwaukee. I’m also working on improving my cooking skills, and have recently perfected my recipes for fish tacos and chicken stir fry.

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