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Bradley Holuta

Marcus & Mack, P.C.
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Bradley Holuta
Marcus & Mack, P.C.

Attorney Brad Holuta has tremendous respect for our legal system and the fact that every person is entitled to a fair day in court. To be able to advocate for clients within this system is an incredible privilege and any time he has the opportunity to exceed a client’s expectation is gratifying.

Brad will take the time to objectively analyze a case from all angles, not just from where things stand at the present. Determining the strengths and weaknesses of every case from the outset is critical so clients have a realistic expectation of what can be accomplished and what will be involved in the process. Litigation is stressful on every client and addressing issues early on helps alleviate some of that turmoil.

In his work, Brad sees people at their very worst on a daily basis. That is why his primary responsibility, no matter what the case type, is to advocate for a client’s legal interests to the fullest extent possible. He understands that there is a real person behind every case and handling sensitive matters with compassion and genuine concern. Helping people go from a difficult situation at the beginning of a case to being in a much better place by the end is very gratifying. Brad finds peace in always doing the very best with each case he handles.

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