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Candice Rojas-Colucci

Colucci Law Group
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Candice Rojas-Colucci
Colucci Law Group

We live in a world where people are quick to take advantage of others lack of knowledge. Candice Rojas-Colucci became an advocate to prevent people from abusing their position. To fight against exploitation from, insurance firms, government agencies, powerful companies, and overzealous Prosecutors.

Ms. Rojas-Colucci has learned that being a lawyer isn't just about helping people when they need you, it's also about helping people before they know they need you. Knowledge is power. Let our knowledge, empower you!

Ms. Rojas-Colucci has a reputation for being a hard-worker for and a compassionate, fierce representative of her clients. Ms. Rojas-Colucci brings a sophisticated analysis to each case she handles and understands the sensitive position that some clients are put into and brings compassion and patience.

Ms. Rojas-Colucci graduated with honors from the University of South Florida, where she was a Leadership committee member, was awarded several scholarships, including a full academic scholarship, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship reserved for future difference makers of America.

Ms. Rojas-Colucci attended Stetson College School of Law and was an advocacy board member on Stetson's Trial Team. Stetson Law for about 19 years in a row has been ranked first in the nation for trial advocacy by U.S. News and World Report. Effective advocacy is one of a successful lawyer's most important skills, and Stetson's commitment to teaching advocacy is unmatched. Ms. Rojas-Colucci represented Florida in a number of National Trial Competitions and won multiple awards, including National Best Trial Advocate. Additionally, Ms. Rojas-Colucci was on the honor roll list.

In 2017, Ms. Rojas-Colucci was awarded the American Institute of Legal Advocates, "Rising Star." American Institute of Legal Advocates (AIOLA) promotes attorneys who not only have the highest ethical standards but also provide top tier advocacy for their clients. AIOLA reviews select candidates who have positive reviews for outstanding work in their field, positive recommendations of other lawyers in their field, along with no ethical concerns from their local licensing authority.

Additionally, in 2018, Ms. Rojas-Colucci was awarded the American Academy of Attorneys, "Top 40 under 40 years old." The American Academy of Attorneys is an invitation-only, national organization of elite attorneys actively practicing law. The American Academy of Attorneys is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the field of law and recognizing those top-tier attorneys who exemplify excellence. Less than 1% of all attorneys will be nominated to be a member of this organization.

Prior to starting the Colucci Law Group, Ms. Rojas-Colucci was employed with the Luke Lirot Law Firm in Clearwater, Florida. Luke Lirot, is "Of Counsel," in the Colucci Law Group. His 30 plus years of nationally recognized litigation success and forefront creating set him apart.
Mr. Lirot and Ms. Rojas-Colucci have been constantly in the news, television, and radio for their monumental achievements in the several areas of law.

Together, the Colucci Law Group will make your rights our fight and work tirelessly to provide the justice you deserve.

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