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Daniel Aiello

CellinoLaw LLC - Melville
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Daniel Aiello
CellinoLaw LLC - Melville

I can help.

Other than being a father and husband, representing injured people against insurance companies that devalue human life, fighting against them and bringing them to justice, is something I am very proud of.

After working for the largest insurance company in the tri-state area, I can tell you that all insurance companies follow the same model: to make money on premium dollars and pay out as little as possible. To do that, they hire the same doctors to say the same thing: that all of your injuries were pre-existing and not caused by the incident, or that your injuries are not that bad, etc. What most people don't know, is that It's really the big insurance companies and their hired defense lawyers calling the shots, rather than their insureds.

Here at Cellino & Barnes, I am able to take the insurance companies head-on. We have the resources to hire the right experts to go against their biased doctors. Personally, from working at insurance defense firms, I know where they're going, so I can build a case around their defenses. In fact, I have turned defense doctors against other defense doctors to secure an outstanding result for a client where the bodily injury insurance company said the surgery was not related to the incident, yet the no-fault defense doctor had.

I'm a firm believer of being creative. Fortunately, and with some creativity and thinking outside the box, very recently, I have secured settlements in difficult cases, including $250,000 for a client injured at a trampoline park by using another trampoline park's safety video against them, showing that their warnings were insufficient; $450,000 for a woman who fell down stairs at a pet store, by arguing that the failure to preserve video footage was an effort to cover-up their negligence; $200,000 for a woman injured in a motor vehicle collision, by calling eye-witnesses early in the case to turn liability against the defendant; $100,000 for client who fell victim to a bar-fight where the bar's insurance company originally said there wasn't coverage because it was an intentional act, by doing a license search and proving that the defendant-employee was actually a bouncer and the defendant-bar never trained him as a bouncer; $193,000, for a client injured in a head-on collision against an insurance company that originally represented to me that the insurance policy was only $100,000.

But, if the insurance companies refuse to offer reasonable compensation from what was taken from you, I will take your case to trial. Not many firms have the resources and lawyers willing and skilled enough to go to trial against the insurance companies and their lawyers and hired doctors.

Please contact me at any time to discuss your potential case.


State University of New York at Buffalo Law School

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$2.25 Million Settlement for Slip and Fall Victim

A New York woman called Cellino & Barnes after she slipped and fell on a recently waxed floor at an apartment complex where she was living.

I immediately began preparing his case for trial, and collected evidence that could help our client obtain the best possible result. This evidence included depositions with apartment employees, who admitted to mopping the floor with the wrong kind of wax, and failing to place warning signs around the recently mopped floor.

During this deposition, I discovered that an apartment supervisor instructed an employee to destroy or otherwise not preserve surveillance video that could potentially be used as evidence in this case.

As a result of this cross-examination and other pieces of evidence I gathered, our client was offered $2.25 million to settle out of court, which she accepted on the eve of trial.


Cellino & Barnes
Dear Sirs,

My car accident in 2015 changed my life drastically. My cognitive function was hugely impaired. The headaches were quite severe. There was a ray of hope when I contacted Cellino & Barnes. Every one of my phone calls was met with reassurance; I felt supported beyond measure. Although I don't ever want to be in this predicament again, I will say that my attorney and his team made the process a great deal smoother than I ever imagined. I am beyond grateful for their caring manner, their legal prowess, and their attention to detail.

Now that I possess the final settlement check, I can put this event behind me. I have a sense of closure and peace of mind. Thanks to the efforts of this dynamic team, I have peace of mind. If I ever need an attorney again, Cellino & Barnes will be my one and only contact. I shall recommend your firm highly without reservation.

I remain eternally grateful


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Broken Bones and Fractures
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