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David Cantor
DM Cantor

Since becoming a lawyer in 1989, Arizona Criminal Attorney and Arizona DUI Lawyer David Cantor has handled many high profile cases which have been covered by the local and national news media. He has been interviewed and has appeared on Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper Live, CNN, Inside Edition, the CBS Morning Show, Hannity and Colmes, and every local Arizona news channel including Univision. In addition, his cases have been covered by CNN, MSNBC, and even Howard Stern.

The firm DM Cantor, and David Cantor has been rated by numerous prestigious awards and reviewing website as the Best Criminal Defense Attorney and Best DUI Attorney in Arizona.

David Michael Cantor is also a member of Cantor Law Group, PLLC (a separate and distinct law firm which emphasizes only Family Law). Some of DM Cantor’s high profile cases include:

The dismissal with prejudice of capital murder charges (on the eve of trial) against Lisa Randall, a grandmother and daycare provider falsely accused of killing a baby in her care.
The Michael Gherman Wal-Mart double capital murder trial.
The rejection of criminal charges against Valinda Jo Elliott (the woman who became lost in the forest and set a signal fire which ultimately became the Rodeo-Chediski fire – burning more than five hundred thousand (500,000) acres and four hundred and forty (440) homes)
The dismissal of charges against Richard Simmons (who was accused of slapping a rather large “cage fighter” that was taunting Mr. Simmons at the Sky Harbor Airport).
The declining of filing charges against Sgt. Patrick Haab (an off-duty Army Reservist who took seven (7) illegal immigrants into custody at gunpoint because they had charged at him from the desert, at night, near a local highway rest stop).
David has represented numerous professional athletes in high profile cases such as Michael Beasley (NBA basketball player for the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat), Brittney Griner (WNBA basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury) and B.K. Kim (MLB baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks). The David Michael Cantor Defense Team takes pride in being knowledgeable in all areas of forensic sciences. This includes DNA technology; Computer Forensics; Latent Fingerprint technology; Ballistics; Drug Recognition technology; Serology and Bodily Fluids testing; Blood, Breath and Urine Alcohol testing methods; Gas Chromatography and Infra-Red Mass-Spectrometry. In addition, the Cantor Criminal Defense Team has an extensive law library with research materials regarding FBI, Department of Public Safety, State and Local Police investigation manuals.

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