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David Wenner

Snyder and Wenner, P.C.
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David Wenner
Snyder and Wenner, P.C.

David Wenner, M.S.W., J.D. is nationally recognized as an authority on juror bias and decision-making. As a partner in the Phoenix law firm of Snyder & Wenner, P.C., Mr. Wenner has spent the last two decades prosecuting wrongful death and catastrophic injury accident cases, speaking to lawyers across the country on juror bias and decision-making, and creating a successful juror bias model.

Date of Birth: April 10, 1952

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Professional Employment

Snyder and Wenner, P.C.


Practice is devoted to litigating catastrophic tort cases and jury research and consulting.


1975 B.A. in Psychology – Wayne State University

1977 M.S.W. in Social Work – University of Washington

1984 J.D. – Arizona State University

Admission to Bars

Arizona – 1984

United States District Court of Arizona – 1984

United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit – 1985

United States Supreme Court – 1990

Special Distinctions

Best Lawyers in America, 2000–present

Super Lawyers 2007–present

Diplomate of Trial of Advocacy – National College of Advocacy, 1997

Advanced Studies in Trial Advocacy, 2007

Co-Developer of ATLA’s Overcoming Juror Bias Program

Co-Developer of Descriptive and Jury Bias Model™


Member of the Board of Trustees – AAJ National College of Advocacy, 1995–2001, 2003–2006; 2009–present

Co-Chair Blue Ribbon Committee Appointed by ATLA President to Study Jury Bias

Chair AAJ Jury Project

Co-Chair AAJ Jury Bias Litigation Group

Co-Chair daVinci Robotic Surgery Litigation Group

Board of the Arizona Trial Lawyers

AAJ Public Education Committee


Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society – University of Washington


Jury Bias ATLA Blue Ribbon Committee

Tort Reform Rhetoric and Juror Attitudes, 2000–2001, Stanford University, Roscoe Pound Foundation

Juror Attitudes Post 9/11, ATLA

Judicial Attitudes on Attorney Conducted Voir Dire

Brief Summary of Some of the Seminars and Colleges (Presentation and Faculty)

02/26/94 – ATLA NCA Post-Ultimate College – Charleston, SC – ATLA’s First Focus 03/03/94 Group College; Faculty Member – Lecture – Social Psychology of the Jury Trial

04/28/95–05/01/95 – ATLA NCA Post-Ultimate College: Focusing on Your Case – Houston, TX – Faculty – Lecture – Social Psychology

11/24/95 – NCA Holiday Golf Classic Seminar: Professional Liability Issues – Pebble Beach, 11/27/95 CA – Lecture – Jury Decision-Making

02/23/96 – ATLA NCA Premises Liability: Inadequate Security and Violent Crimes – 02/24/96 Scottsdale, AZ – Lecture – Negligent Hiring and Jury Decisions in Inadequate Security Cases

03/01/96–03/04/96 – ATLA NCA Post-Ultimate College: Focusing on Your Case – Arlington, VA – Co-Chair and Faculty

07/27/96–07/31/96 – ATLA 1996 Annual Convention: Fighting for Justice By and For the People, Boston, MA – Lecture – Focus Groups for Trial Lawyers

10/11/96 – AzTLA Program – The Medical Malpractice Case – Lecture

11/08/96 – AzTLA Program – A Day In Court With The Masters – Lecture

12/13/96 – AzTLA Program – Arizona’s Top Ten – How They Did It – Lecture

02/07/97–02/10/97 – NCA Case Workshop Program – Tucson, AZ – Co-Chair and Faculty

02/24/97–02/25/97 – NCA Resort Mega Seminar: Collision Cases, Premises Liability & Persuading Jurors – Las Vegas, NV – Lecture – Juror Bias

05/16/97–05/17/97 – ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias – Houston, TX – Co-Created and Co-Chaired Lecture – Jury Bias

07/18/97–07/23/97 – ATLA 1997 Annual Convention – San Diego, CA – Lecture – Persuasion

07/97 – State Bar of Arizona – CLE By The Sea – Faculty – Sneak Preview Into a Jury Room – Lecture and Demonstration of Jury Deliberation

09/18/97–09/21/97 – ATLA Case Workshop Program – Atlanta, GA – Faculty Member

09/26/97–09/27/97 – ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias – Chicago, IL – Chair and Faculty – Lecture – Jury Bias, Conducted Focus Group

10/31/97–11/01/97 – NCA Mega Seminar: TBI, Medicine, Employment; Plenary: Overcoming Juror Bias – Reno, NV – Lecture – Jury Bias

01/16/98–01/19/98 – Medical Trial Skills College – Arizona State University College of Law, Tempe, AZ – Faculty Member, Conducted Live Focus Group

02/21/98–02/25/98 – ATLA 1998 Winter Convention – Maui, HI – Lecture – Juror Judgment and Decision-Making

03/13/98–03/14/98 – ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias – Salt Lake City, UT – Chair and Faculty – Lecture – Jury Bias, Conducted Live Focus Group

04/23/98–04/26/98 – ATLA Case Workshop Program – Santa Fe, NM – Faculty

10/98 – AzTLA Program – Overcoming Juror Bias in Voir Dire – Chair and Faculty – Lecture – Juror Decision-Making

12/12/98–12/13/98 – ATLA 1998 Weekend with the Stars – New York, NY – Lecture – Jury Decision-Making

02/26/99–02/27/99 – ATLA Doubleheader: Litigating Catastrophically Injured Infant Cases; Premises Liability: Inadequate Security – Phoenix, AZ – Faculty Voir Dire

04/09/99–04/10/99 – ATLA New Frontiers in Overcoming Juror Bias – Jupiter, FL – Chair and Faculty Lecture – Jury Bias, Conducted Live Focus Group

04/21/99–04/25/99 – ATLA Case Workshop Program – Minneapolis, MN – Faculty

07/17/99–07/21/99 – ATLA Annual Convention – San Francisco, CA – Focus Group Demonstration

10/09/99–10/11/99 – NCA Trial Advocacy College: Voir Dire – Phoenix, AZ – Co-Chair and Faculty

02/04/00–02/05/00 – ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias – Phoenix, AZ – Co-Chair and Faculty – Lecture – Jury Bias

02/25/00–02/26/00 – ATLA Litigating Catastrophically Injured Infant Cases From a Trial Lawyer’s Perspective – Atlanta, GA – Lecture – Jury Bias in Catastrophically Injured Infant Cases

03/17/00–03/18/00 – ATLA Litigating Employment Cases From a Trial Lawyer’s Perspective – Las Vegas, NV – Lecture – Juror Judgment and Decision-Making in Employment Cases

07/27/00–08/02/00 – ATLA Annual Convention – Chicago, IL – Lecture – New Frontiers in Juror Bias

10/22/00 – Nevada Trial Lawyers Annual Convention – Lecture – Jury Bias

11/10/00 – ABOTA Seminar – Lecture – Focus Groups

12/10/00–12/11/00 – ATLA Weekend With The Stars – New York, NY – Co-Chair and Faculty Lecture – Jury Decision-Making and Bias

1/10/01 – Faculty ATLA’s Medical Trial Skills College – Miami, FL

3/01 – Faculty ATLA’s Overcoming Juror Bias College – Atlanta, GA

4/01 – Lectured on Juror Bias, Michigan State Bar – Troy, MI

5/01 – Faculty in house Continue Legal Education for the Law Firm Jones, Day – Tucson, AZ

7/01 – State Bar of Arizona CLE by the Sea Half Day Program, Jury Psychology, with Howard Nations – San Diego, CA

7/01 – ATLA’s Annual Convention Lecture with Stanford Psychology Professor Lee Ross on Psychology for Lawyers – Montreal, Canada

9/01 – Faculty ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias Seminar, Multiple Lectures on the Juror Bias Model – Las Vegas, NV

10/01 – North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers Annual Meeting, New Frontiers in Juror Bias – Birmingham, AL

01/02 – Full day presentation State Bar of Arizona, Jury Psychology with Howard Nations – Phoenix, AZ

2/02 – Faculty, Overcoming Jury Bias College, ATLA – Coronado, CA

5/02 – Presentation, Jury Bias, Kentucky Trial Lawyers Association, Louisville, KY

5/02 – Faculty, Overcoming Jury Bias Seminar, ATLA-Las Vegas, NV

6/02 – Keynote Lecture – National Employment Lawyer Association Annual Conference, Juror Bias, Orlando, FL

9/02 – Faculty – Overcoming Juror Bias Seminar -Philadelphia, PA

10/02 – Faculty, ATLA Trial Advocacy College, Direct and Cross-Examination – Phoenix, AZ

11/02 – Lecture, Jury Bias, Iowa Trial Lawyers Association, Des Moines, IA

2/03 – Faculty, ATLA Overcoming Juror Bias College, Phoenix, AZ

4/03 – Lecture, Jury Bias, Iowa Trial Lawyers Association, Des Moines, IA

7/03 – Jury Psychology, ATLA Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA

8/03 – Persuasion, Colorado Trail Lawyers, Vail, CO

9/03 – Speaker, Jury Bias, Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, Farmington, MI

12/03 – Speaker, Psyching Yourself Up For Trial, ATLA’s Weekend With The Stars, New York, NY

4/04 – Faculty, Exposing, Attacking & Defeating Juror Bias, ATLA, Las Vegas, NV

3/04 – Faculty, Ultimate Course: Art of Persuasion, Harvard Law School, ATLA, Cambridge, MA

4/04 – Co-Chair, Overcoming Jury Bias Seminar, ATLA, Las Vegas, NV

4/04 – Faculty, Jury Bias, Washington State Trial Lawyers, Tacoma, WA

5/04 – Co-Chair and Presentation on Jury Bias, Arizona Trial Lawyer Annual Conference

5/04 – Faculty, Seminar on Jury Decision-Making for the Ontario Trial Lawyers, Toronto, Canada

7/04 – Presentation, Jury Psychology, Trial Advocacy, ATLA Annual Convention, Boston, MA

11/04 – Faculty, Jury Decision Making, ATLA Mediterranean Cruise: An Italian Aria, Venice, Italy

12/04 – Speaker, ATLA’s 18th Annual Weekend with the Stars, New York, NY

1/05 – Faculty, ATLA’s Overcoming Jury Bias in Complex Cases Seminar, Miami Beach, FL

2/05 – Focus Group Demonstration, AAJ’s Medical Trial Skills College, Scottsdale, AZ

3/05 – Faculty, ATLA’s The Ultimate Trial Advocacy Course, Georgetown Law School, Washington D.C.

5/05 – Presentation, Jury Bias, Nevada Trial Lawyer Seminar, Las Vegas, NV

7/05 – Speaker, Jury decision making, CLE by the Sea, San Diego, CA, State Bar of Arizona

7/05 – Presentation on Jury Psychology, 2005 ATLA’s Annual Convention, Toronto, Ontario

11/05 – Faculty, ATLA’S Overcoming Juror Bias College Part I, Atlanta, GA

2/06 – Presentation, Jury Bias, ATLA’s Winter Convention, Honolulu, HI

3/06 – Faculty, ATLA’s Overcoming Jury Bias Seminar, Las Vegas, NV

3/06 – Half Day Presentation, Overcoming Jury Bias, Wyoming Trial Lawyers, Jackson Hole, WY

6/06 – Presentation, Communication with Conservative Jurors, Attorney Information Exchange Group, Denver, CO

7/06 – Presentation, Jury Decision Making, ATLA’s Annual Conference, Seattle, WA

9/06 – Faculty, ATLA’s Psychology of Persuasion, Atlanta, GA

10/06 – Faculty, ATLA’s Overcoming Juror Bias College, Atlanta, GA

2/07 – Presentation, Trial Story Framing in Birth Trauma Cases, AAJ’s Litigating Injured Infants Seminar, Tucson, AZ

3/07 – Faculty, Overcoming Jury Bias, Alabama Trial Lawyers, Birmingham, AL

6//07 – Half Day Presentation, Jury Bias, Oklahoma Trial Lawyers, Las Vegas, NV

7/07 – Presentation, New Frontiers in Jury Bias, Trial Advocacy, Annual Conference, American Association for Justice, Chicago, IL

7/07 – Presentation, Jury Selection in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases, Annual Conference, American Association for Justice, Chicago, IL

8/07 – Presentation, Jury Decision Making in Auto Defect Cases, Attorney Information Exchange Group, Santa Fe, NM

10/07 – Presentation, The Unconscious and Jury Decision Making, Annual Conference, Arizona Trial Lawyers, Scottsdale, AZ

10/07 – Presentation, Jury Selection, Maricopa County Superior Court Judges, Mesa, AZ

11/07 – Faculty, AAJ’S New Avenues to Justice: The Art and Science of Persuasion, Las Vegas, NV

1/08 – Presentation and Demonstration, Focus Groups and Jury Bias, New Mexico Trial Lawyers, Albuquerque, NM

2/08 – Presentation, Focus Groups, Defective Drug Seminar, AAJ, Las Vegas, NV

3/08 – Presentation, Jury Bias Model, The Juror and the Unconscious, OJB Seminar, AAJ, Phoenix, AZ

4/08 – Presentation, AIEG Seminar, Seattle, WA

12/08 – 2008 Case Plus: The Next Step In Developing

2/09 – Presenter AAJ Mid-Winter Convention Maui, HI

4/09 – Presentation, Nurse Legal Consulting Annual Conference, Glendale, AZ

4/09 – Presentation, AAJ Medical Negligence Conference

8/09 – Presentation, Kentucky Justice Association Annual Conference, French Lick, IN

1/10 – Presentation, California Consumer Trial Lawyer Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA

7/10 – Presentation, AAJ Annual Conference, Vancouver, B.C.

8/10 – Presentation Oregon/Washington Trial Lawyer Annual Conference

3/11 – Faculty AAJ’s Ultimate Trial Advocacy Course: Art of Persuasion

7/11 – Presenter AAJ Annual Convention, New York, NY

2/12 – Presenter, AAJ Mid-Winter Convention, Jury Selection, Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, AZ

3/12 – Faculty AAJ Ultimate Trial Advocacy Course, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

3/12 – Chair and Faculty, Jury Bias Model 2: Applying the Principles from Discovery to Closing, Las Vegas, NV

6/12 – Presentation, Florida Workhorse Seminar, Orlando, FL

7/12 – Presentation, Thinking about Juror Thinking, AAJ Annual Conference Common Juror Attitudes; Chicago, IL

7/13 – Presentation AAJ Annual Conference San Francisco, Using Rules to Frame Juror Decisions

12/13 – Chair and Presenter, 2013 Weekend With The Stars New York, NY

3/14 – Co-Chair and Presenter AAJ Case Framing Seminar, Scottsdale, AZ

3/14 – Co-Chair and Presenter AAJ Skiing With The Stars Seminar, Park City, UT

4/14 – Chair and Presentation, Psychology of Voir Dire; Arizona Trial Lawyers, Phoenix, AZ

6/14 – Conduct 1 Day Seminar on Jury Decision Making with Gregory S. Cusimano, Texas Trial Lawyers, Austin, TX

7/14 – Presentation, AAJ Annual Conference Assimilating Focus Group Data

9/14 – Presentation, AAJ Rules of the Road in Medical Negligence Cases, Santa Fe, NM

11/14 – Presentation and Co-Chair AAJ, Case Framing, Atlanta, GA


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