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Dustin Hoff

Christensen Law - Southfield
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Dustin Hoff
Christensen Law - Southfield

Dustin C. Hoff is an Associate Attorney at Christensen Law, practicing out of both the Southfield, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan offices. He has been working alongside Founder David Christensen and Attorney Sarah Stempky Kime since April 2015. As a key part of the legal team, Dustin will be there for you in court.


Dustin's primary responsibility is to assist the firm's medical provider clients. He advocates on their behalf when the insurance companies deny or delay payment for services provided to auto accident victims.

Often, Dustin is the first person a client speaks to at the firm. He is the voice you hear in initial phone consultations, where he takes the time to make sure he understands your case and your issues. You may also see Dustin during in-office meetings where he will walk clients through the details of their case.

As one of the licensed attorneys at Christensen Law, Dustin also regularly appears in court. There he will fight on your behalf against the insurance companies' efforts to avoid payment. He is a tough litigator; hard on the defendants, but compassionate to his clients.

Dustin Hoff's compassion comes from his own personal experiences as a child. A product of the thumb region of rural Michigan, Hoff's childhood was a lesson in understanding what his clients go through.

I am one of five children. My mother has muscular dystrophy and my father was a disabled Vietnam Veteran. I saw their struggles each and every day. Whether it is was major obstacles like walking or the routines of daily living - putting on socks, cleaning dishes, making dinner - I saw how it impacted the things we take for granted. These are the same challenges victims of auto accidents and negligence also experience. My parents' struggles give me the firsthand knowledge to understand the pain and suffering our customers go through."


Dustin C. Hoff attended Saginaw Valley State University and Edge Hill University before getting his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2013. He was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 2014, at which time he took a position with a firm in Sandusky, Michigan defending the rights of personal injury victims. He has experience in wrongful death, auto accidents, and insurance disputes, as well as other forms of civil and criminal law.


Dustin Hoff is a family man outside the office. A resident of Clawson, Michigan, he spends his time with his family and enjoys traveling. You may also occasionally find him on the golf course.


Dustin joined the Michigan Association for Justice in November 2014. From the start, his focus has been on representing individuals and their needs.

I love giving a voice to and protecting the rights of injured victims. Most people have no experience with the legal system, especially after an accident. It's important we don't let them fall through the cracks along with their rights."

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