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Eliot Krieger

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Eliot Krieger
Huntington Beach,

Eliot F. Krieger is a partner of SKT Law, P.C., and oversees the firm’s United States Practice Group. His focus is white-collar criminal defense, civil litigation, healthcare law, international business, and immigration.

Eliot travels between the U.S. and Asian offices and has associated and consulted with attorneys and law firms in the Philippines for over a decade on various legal issues from criminal defense to negotiating land deals for Philippine corporations.

Eliot has 25+ years of trial experience and is regarded as one of the top litigators in Southern California. His extensive trial experience comes from his years at one of the most prestigious Los Angeles county law firms; a major international law firm; and as an Assistant United States Attorney. During his time in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eliot oversaw all federal immigration-related cases for the Central District of California and ran the Los Angeles County Immigration Task Force which coordinated local, state and federal immigration fraud prosecution, and assisted immigrants and non-immigrants seeking immigration status in Los Angeles County.

Eliot spent years in the Fraud and Corruption Section where he oversaw many healthcare fraud investigations and prosecutions. He also won every trial including many high-profile trials in the healthcare area, such as successful prosecutions against Laser Eye Centers and Graybor Medical Transportation. Currently Eliot represents many healthcare companies under federal and state investigation and has successfully persuaded the government to close investigations against his clients with no findings of any wrong-doing.

Additionally, he has litigated matters involving licensure defense and appeals; Medicare and Medi-Cal provider enrollment appeals; payor and reimbursement disputes; overpayment appeals; False Claims Act/qui tam whistle-blower litigation defense; business and employment litigation; Medicare and Medi-Cal exclusions and suspensions by government entities; CMS issues; and matters involving the Office of the Inspector General and the California Department of Health Care Services.

Eliot is named to the Southern California Super Lawyers’ list as one of the top 5% of attorneys in Southern California; has been recognized as one of the Top 1% of Attorneys in America; and has been honored by the FBI for his prosecution of fraud and corruption. Lastly, Eliot has been appointed as a Judge Pro Tem by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.



Harvard Law School

Cambridge, Massachusetts

J.D. / Cum Laude

The Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland

Ph.D., Philosophy

The Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland

M.A., Philosophy

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

B.A. / Magna Cum Laude

Healthcare Experience

Eliot has represented many major health care companies who are under investigation by the Federal government, including FBI and HHS OIG. Eliot understands the workings of the federal government from his years of experience there and knows how to protect you and your business during a government audit or investigation.

Eliot also handles a myriad of issues within the regulatory defense arena, working with the Department of Public Health (DPH) licensure investigations and appeals; reimbursement audits by private and governmental payors and their contractors; CMS; Medicare; Medi-Cal; National Government Services; fraud and abuse investigations by government payors and their contractors; Safeguard Services; Office of Inspector General; the FBI and DOJ; Department of Health Care Services; Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse; audit defense; Zone Program Integrity Contractor (ZPIC) (which replaced the Program Safeguard Contractors (PSC); and Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC).

Eliot has experience representing healthcare organizations working with audits from the California Department of Health Care Services.

Eliot has involvement with compliance issues such as licensing, operational, and reimbursement compliance; Medicare and Medi-Cal enrollment and changes of ownership; corrective action plans and other compliance strategies; prepayment review; licensure citations and deficiencies; Medicare and Medi-Cal enrollment errors; audit risk assessment; medical necessity of hospice claims; length of stays and number of nursing home patients; physician certifications/re-certifications; local coverage determination compliance and documenting medical necessity; terminal status in routine hospice claims; special physician service claims; in-patient hospice claims; compliance with hospice cap; HIPAA and state patient data privacy and security requirements; and False Claims Act compliance for marketing and business development activities.

Litigation Experience:

Present high profile politician’s wife charged in Federal District Court with money laundering millions of dollars. Resulted in probationary sentence.

Represented defendant accused of money laundering and structuring 6 million dollars. Resulted in civil compromise with no criminal prosecution.

Represented defendant accused of using a false passport and aiding a fugitive by the federal government Resulted in no prosecution.

Represented defendant accused by the US Attorneys Office of misusing millions of dollars of charity money and money from government grants. Resulted in no prosecution.

Represented defendant accused of sale of millions of dollars of precursor chemicals to methamphetamines, facing over twenty years under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Resulted in 3 1/2 year sentence.

United States Department of Justice: Public Corruption and Government Fraud Section

Prosecuted white-collar crime. Cases included public corruption, money-laundering, health care fraud, HUD fraud and immigration fraud.

Prosecuted and tried only case in the Central District that convicted defendant of money-laundering for the purposes of tax evasion.

Trials included:

United States v. Sorochkin (weapons).

United States v. Batista (bank fraud, identity theft).

United States v. Ramirez-Molina (immigration).

United States v. Boujaoude (passport fraud).

United States v. Laser Eye Center (health care fraud).

United States v. Greybor Medical Transportation (fraud, money laundering, tax evasion).

Received award from FBI for Laser Eye Center prosecution.

Served as Indian Crimes Coordinator and Tribal Liaison for the Central District of California. Coordinated all tribal issues involving the United States Attorney’s Office arising in the Central District of California.

Served as Immigration Fraud Coordinator.

Headed Department of Justice pilot program designed to effectively prosecute fraud crimes perpetrated against undocumented aliens.

Served as member of Immigration Fraud Task Force.

Served as chairperson of multi-jurisdictional task force targeting fraud perpetrated by immigration consultants and attorneys. Law enforcement members of the task force included representatives from the United States.

Attorney’s Office—Los Angeles County; the District Attorney’s Office—City of Los Angeles; the California Attorney General’s Office; the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the California State Bar. Full task force also included non-law enforcement groups, including the Mexican American Bar Association, the Coalition for Human Rights, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and a US Immigration Courts judge.

International Business Experience.

Worked with local counsel in negotiating several land deals regarding structuring of foreign investment in the Philippines.

Advised and negotiated real estate deals for various Philippine corporations including:

Cambridge Real Estate Corporation

Orsal Development Corporation

Eco-Alternative Building Concepts Corp.

Developed and arranged funding for three townhouse complexes near Clark, Philippines

Lectures and Classes:

White Collar Crime, Adjunct Professor / Instructor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

“Thinking about Thinking: Integrating Law, Philosophy & Science”, Teaching Fellow / Instructor, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Philosophy, Visiting Assistant Professor (Part-Time), University of Maryland at Baltimore County

“Government Investigations: I-9s, LCAs, and Other Immigration-Related Investigations”, 16th Annual American Immigration Lawyers Association, California Chapter

“Remarks on Federal Law Enforcement in Indian Country within the Central District of California”, Tribal and State Law Enforcement Summit, Rancho Mirage, California

Civil Enforcement of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act”, Federal Bureau of Investigation Conference on Gambling. Las Vegas, Nevada

Rifts Over RFRA: Divergent Approaches to the Free Exercise Clause”, Southern California Philosophy Conference, University of California Irvine, California

“The Utility of a Philosophy Degree for Lawyers”, California State University, Long Beach Pre-Law Program, Long Beach, California

Published Work:

“Protected Expression: Towards a Speaker-Oriented Theory”, 73 Denver Law Review 69

The Court Declines in Fairness: Teague v. Lane”, 25 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 184


Los Angeles County Superior Court, Judge Pro Tem

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