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Ferris Bond

Bond and Norman Law, P.C.
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Ferris Bond
Bond and Norman Law, P.C.

Mr Shukla is an advocate with many years

of experience, having worked both in

private practice and for the Office of the

Director of Public Proscecutions.

Mr. Shukla is able to approach all types

of matters with patience, understanding

and with an educated and experienced

practical approach. He has a very high

success rate and many satisfied clients.

Additionally, Mr. Shukla’s Panel of

Barristers and Senior Counsel are able to

assist in complex matters.

Mr Shukla appears in:

   • Local Courts

   • District Courts

   • Supreme Courts

   • Children’s Court

   • Tribunals and Inquests

I understand that the law isn’t easy to understand, lawyers and Courts use so much jargon. The Court process can be stressful and time consuming whether it is a Criminal matter or a Family matter. 

You need a lawyer that will help you understand what you are dealing with and map out the best result for you. I listen to your story and tailor a map for you based on your individuality, needs and what you are going through as a person. Every single client of mine is unique but they share one quality, they have my undivided attention and time. I have helped parents get their children back and to regain meaningful relationships. I have helped people remain conviction free despite the odds. I have worked with psychologists, psychiatrists, family consultants and of course Barristers to provide the very best advice for guidance.  

I take pride in my work. I will work with you to build a valued and meaningful relationship in order for me to be able to assist you in the best way moving forward.

Key Points I have learnt in my decade as a Prosecutor and Defence Lawyer/Family Lawyer

- We do not live in a perfect world, sometimes the law is not about Justice, it’s about how much you can afford to defend yourself. We provide a very cost effective and competitive service. We work with you to achieve the result you want within your budget.

- Price is not always determinative of quality. You are paying for a service, you must have confidence in the person representing you. In some instances the same lawyer will represent you for 2 or 3 years. 

- Ask questions and be inquisitive, you are certainly not the only person who has been in your position. There is a lot of knowledge and information on the internet which can help you understand what you are dealing with. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, never be afraid to ask for help.

- Court can be intimidating, daunting and stressful if you don’t have the right lawyer. Experience plays a major part in picking the right lawyer. Each matter, regardless of whether it is Criminal or Family Law has to be dealt with individually and with great care. I have 10 years of Court experience and can help map out the best plan for you.

- Your support network is the most important asset you will have. Talking to your friends and family will certainly help you cope with the stresses of Court. There are many services available in both Criminal and Family Law the help support people going through difficult times. Feel free to ask us to refer you to a service.

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