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Gregg Luther

Gregg W. Luther, PLLC
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Gregg Luther
Gregg W. Luther, PLLC
Oklahoma City,

Experience Matters

American Board of Trial Advocates

AV Preeminent Rating

Super Lawyers

Top 100 Trial Lawyers

​America's Top 100 Attorneys

​Client Distinction Award

Top Rated Medical Malpractice Lawyer ​The Patient's Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Representing the Rights of Patients and their families when healthcare providers get careless.

18 Wheeler Crash Lawyer

Enforcing Safety on our roadways when trucking companies don't follow the rules.

Defective Drugs & Devices Lawyer

Accountability when Big Pharma puts consumers at risk. 

Health Insurance Denial Lawyer

Leveling the playing field against profit-driven corporate insurance companies that refuse to pay valid claims.

Trial Lawyer

Notable Recoveries ... Kept In Confidence

Some law firms trumpet their settlements and verdicts. If I represented your family during your worst times, you would not want to see the details displayed on a website as a marketing ploy. I have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of my clients, but I will not trade on their misfortune

— or yours.

Gregg W. Luther is an accomplished trial lawyer who has practiced for over two decades in Oklahoma. Gregg accepts a limited number of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases for prosecution, focusing on safety, individual's rights, and accountability of those who cause harm or death to innocent people. Gregg is a nationally recognized, experienced, award winning trial lawyer.

Patient Safety & Patient's Rights.

PreventableHarm from healthcare is the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the US, according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

As patients, we have the RIGHT TO SAFE HEALTH CARE. Too many times our Right to Safe Health Care is violated.

Oklahoma ranks 50th in the nation in the quality of healthcare that we receive as patients.​

I remain steadfast in fighting for Patient's Rights (including the Right to Safe Medical Care) and bringing an end to the Preventable Harm and Death of Patients from healthcare.

Hospitals Overcharging

Oklahoma Hospitals reported over $34,000,000 in revenue last year. Profit driven healthcare is the new order. Hospitals now force patients to sign an agreement to pay all medical expenses before they even find out what is wrong with the patient.

Overcharging by hospitals costs payorsover $270,000,000,000 a year, according to a Harvard study.

Oklahoma hospitals suing patients for unpaid medical bills are crowding Oklahoma court dockets - oftentimes for charges that are wrong.

​​80% of all medical bills contain errors.

Patients have the RIGHT under Oklahoma law to be informed of customary charges for the anticipated services in advance.

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