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Heather Long
Heather Long Law PC

My grandmother wasn’t a lawyer, but she should have been. The lessons she taught me shaped the way I live my life and do my job:

The truth is priceless— always tell it and stand up for it. Go the extra mile. Never meet a stranger— everyone has a story if you just give them an opportunity to tell it. No one is perfect but we all have the obligation to take responsibility for mistakes.

Protecting my clients and being their voice is important to me. I understand the harm or injustice that brought them to me is of the biggest things going on in their life at the time.

I am a career trial lawyer. Before starting Heather Long Law, I spent fifteen years representing people and companies in three major Dallas personal injury firms. I’ve had the opportunity to handle all kinds of cases here in Texas and across the nation– from truck wrecks and injuries caused by dangerous products to oil-field injuries and deaths, explosions, and a variety of civil rights cases.

Over my career, I’ve helped clients find justice when all the odds seemed stacked against them– whether that be because a wrongdoer was trying to hide the truth or laws made it hard to right the wrongs in the case. When I’m working on a case, I’m a warrior for my clients and committed to their search for answers.

Investigating and gathering information is important in every case. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and think outside of the box to help my clients. For instance, I started learning to read source code a few years ago to better understand and locate information posted by witnesses and parties on social media. When I came across a rare product in an asbestos case several years ago, I found proof the product contained asbestos when my client used it in the 1950s and 1960s while reading old patent applications filed by the manufacturer.

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