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Jason Waechter, Esq.

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Jason Waechter, Esq.

We're lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accident cases. That's it; we specialize. We ride. We get it. I have handed over 1,000 motorcycle accident cases and literally "Wrote the book" other lawyers use on this legal subject.

Jason Waechter has earned the national reputation as THE Motorcycle LawyerSM with a 25-year proven track record of winning.

No matter where the motorcycle wreck occurred, we can help. We have specializing offices in every state. We want to start investigating your case now.

When you call our office, you will talk to the owner and lead litigator, Jason Waechter. Learn how it all works and what your rights are with a free consultation.

We work No Win-No-Fee, so we don't get paid and you owe us nothing until and unless we get a recovery for you. We've handled over 1,000 motorcycle accident cases and have been named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers!

Jason Waechter has been known as The Motorcycle Lawyer' for 25 years. He has represented injured motorcyclists and their families across the nation. An award decorated, trial winning litigator who rides himself. Because of his real-world knowledge of motorcycles and handing over 1,000 crashes/cases, he is one of the best lawyers in the country when it comes to his specialty. He literally ?wrote the book' on motorcycle law and often is asked to speak at legal seminars teaching other lawyers about these special cases and clients.

If you have suffered an injury or a family member has died in a motorcycle crash, call for a free consultation, a free visit and ultimately a no-win-no-fee handling of your case. There is no obligation. Learn your rights and potential recovery from THE expert lawyer.

Imagine a specializing injury law firm that actually tries to prevent motorcycle accidents and a motorcycle lawyer who gives back to the motorcycle community. We do just that:

Accident Prevention Campaign: We remind drivers to Watch for Motorcycles and to Look Twice. We've had numerous billboards and have given out for free over 50,000 bumper stickers with this message.

Bystander Medical Assistance Course: We have "patched" or graduated over 2,500 motorcyclists through our sponsored course that teaches how to save and assist a fellow biker who goes down with basic first aid and how to manage the crash scene so further injuries do not occur.

Safety: We have given away over 10,000 motorcycle tire gauges to bikers because we understand the importance of proper tire inflation as a component of riding safely.

Education: Attorney Waechter has written numerous articles, been a featured speaker and produced videos educating motorcyclists about their rights, the best insurance choices, ways to avoid getting shafted under the law, and many other topics. (click here for the over 50 motorcycle magazine articles he has authored and here for the over 50 videos he as created)

Charity Events: Our firm has contributed or sponsored close to 100 different charity rides and events related to motorcycles.

Klassen Highway Safety Scholarship: Attorney Waechter represented the family of a man named Keith Klassen, who was on his motorcycle when a distracted and/or careless driver made a left turn in front of him which killed him. He was a loving father and avid motorcyclist. We founded this scholarship in Mr. Klassen's name, in the hopes of promoting awareness and prevention of distracted driving.

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