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Jennifer Karr
Legally Pink Law, PLLC


Having worked closely with several appellate and trial judges as a staff attorney, I have an additional way of perceiving a claim…from a judge’s perspective. I am acutely aware of what the judge is looking for and how they will most likely evaluate a case. This can be an advantage as in court as every detail matters!


Attorney Jennifer Aybar Karr came to Legally Pink Law licensed to practice dually in both the Florida (2014) and Maryland (2011) courts. Prior to joining Legally Pink Law, she served as a prosecutor in Brevard County, Florida where she successfully prosecuted felony and misdemeanor cases. Her work as a prosecutor allowed her to come away with excellent trial skills including comfort in the courtroom and strong instinct in gathering evidence to present in front of a jury. In addition to serving as a prosecutor, she spent five+ years working alongside judges of Florida and Maryland—in both the trial and appellate courts—assisting in researching the law, presenting conclusions supported by the law, and drafting memoranda and opinions.

Jennifer’s extensive experience—both inside the courtroom and behind the scenes—has allowed her to provide a well-rounded approach to personal injury cases which makes her stand out amongst other attorneys. Jennifer’s extensive experience of working directly with judges gives her the added perception of evaluating a case from a judge’s point of view. Jennifer is especially skilled in predicting the arguments from the other side. This allows her to get ahead of them, guiding them as she protects her clients and their interests. Her early years as a staff attorney has bestowed her with an impressive knowledge of case law and statutes, allowing Jennifer to identify issues quickly and meticulously. Her experience and deeper education has also increased her ability to gather material facts to support her argument on her client’s behalf. Simply put…she sees things that other attorneys might miss.


  • Roger Williams University School of Law, 2011
    • Juris Doctorate/law degree, magna cum laude
  • University of Maryland, 2008
    • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, with Honors


  • Prosecutor in Brevard County
  • Staff Attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
  • Staff Attorney in the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland

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