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John "Lin" McCraw, III

The McCraw Law Group
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John "Lin" McCraw, III
The McCraw Law Group

Lin feels blessed that he has the knowledge, ability and resources to help others who have suffered devastating losses through no fault of their own. Perhaps his own childhood — during which he powerlessly watched as he saw people being picked on and experienced bullying himself — sparked this passion to stand up for victims of wrongdoing and to advocate for them. Lin practices law to have an impact: to prevent the powerful from using their power unfairly and to help those most in need.

Lin’s word is his bond. He believes that integrity is the cornerstone of all relationships, and he lives this value when dealing with all the people touched by his practice, including clients, employees, and others he meets through the course of business.


Lin has been a trial lawyer for over 20 years. He has high tech training and strong negotiating skills, which have resulted in extremely favorable outcomes for his clients. His primary practice areas include catastrophic personal injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, birth injuries, trucking and commercial carrier injuries, civil prosecution of fraud and other areas of wrongful conduct.

When it comes to reaching his and his clients’ goals, Lin is also absolutely driven to succeed and cannot accept personal failure. When facing opponents in the courtroom, he knows how to relate to these individuals in a way that places him and his clients at the advantage. Lin is a proponent of strategic thinking. He believes the average person severely underutilizes tactical thoughts and behaviors. According to Lin, more intentional living inevitably leads to greater effectiveness and fulfillment.

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