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Jon Schoenhorn

Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC
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Jon Schoenhorn
Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC

Criminal Defense:

Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC handles all aspects of criminal cases on an affordable and professional basis, including white collar investigations, from the investigative stage, through grand jury investigations, interviews with law enforcement officials and prosecutors, the arrest and bail process, pre-trial motions, then ultimately trial to verdict and (if unsuccessful) appeal. The firms' attorneys are experienced in all felony, misdemeanor, motor vehicle infractions, youthful offender and juvenile delinquency matters. We work with clients on probation and parole problems, grand jury investigations, extradition, petitions for new trial, sentence modification and habeas corpus. Possible grounds for constitutional challenges to arrests and motions to suppress for violations of individual rights are explored in every case.

Attorney Schoenhorn has never worked in law enforcement or as a prosecutor as a matter of choice and believes that the rights of individuals are paramount when the nearly limitless resources of the state or federal government are brought to bear on citizens.

The following is a sampling of the types of cases that have been handled by Attorney Schoenhorn:

Money Laundering
Computer Crimes
Corporate Misfeasance
Environmental Crimes
Illegal Narcotics/Controlled Substances
Embezzlement And Other Larceny
Sex Crimes
Negligent Homicide
Assault/Interference With Police
Child Pornography
Domestic Violence
Breach Of Peace & Disorderly Conduct

DUI/DWI & Motor Vehicle Offenses:

We represent drivers suspected of all types of motor vehicle offenses, beginning with administrative hearings at the Department of Motor Vehicles, through court representation on more serious offenses such as dui/dwi and negligent homicide. The attorneys at Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC have over 30 years of experience challenging license suspensions, sometimes working with scientific experts to question the basis for the arrest. Remember, many drunk driving accusations may be unfounded and based upon nothing more than the subjective opinion of a law enforcement officer, or involve violations of a driver's constitutional rights. You don't have to concede that a police officer's opinion is correct! Sometimes, for example, breath machines malfunction resulting in inaccurate and false readings. We can help uncover technical flaws in the process that ultimately may result in dismissal or reduced charges.

Personal Injuries & Accidents:

We are experienced in automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, dog bites, premises liability, fires, assaults, emotional distress, libel, slander, defective products and professional malpractice (including medical, dental and legal) - just some of the types of negligence and other tort cases handled by Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC. We deal with all aspects of your case, including contact with investigators, discussions with insurance companies, medical providers, settlements, litigation and underinsured motorist claims. By choice, Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC usually does not represent insurance companies, because we want to protect your rights; not those of the insurance industry. Most insurance companies are out to protect their profits, even if it means denying fair compensation to someone who has been injured. By defending your rights, we will help you to achieve justice.

Supreme Court

Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer's President Jon Schoenhorn presented 13 Connecticut criminal defense lawyers to Chief Justice John Roberts to be members of the Supreme Court bar, on the first day of the term


Attorney Schoenhorn has over 30 years of experience arguing appeals in the Appellate Courts and Supreme Courts of Connecticut, and in the federal Courts of Appeals. A former newspaper journalist, Attorney Schoenhorn is admitted to the federal courts of appeals in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, and Richmond, Virginia, and is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court in Connecticut, Washington and Chicago.

For a directory of some of the appeals argued and/or written by Attorney Schoenhorn.

Civil Rights:

Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC is experienced in the distinct area of civil rights law. Whether you have been the victim of police assaults, false arrest, denial of free speech or other unconstitutional and discriminatory governmental misconduct, we have the skill and fortitude necessary to take on municipal, state or federal officials. We have also successfully challenged statutes and local ordinances to protect civil rights.

Discrimination Claims:

Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC handles select cases dealing with employment, licensing, housing and public accomodation discrimination claims, brought to the CT Human Rights Commission, the Equal Employment and Opportunities Commission, or in state and federal courts. Attorney Schoenhorn served for many years as a hearing officer for the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, having been appointed by the Governor of the State of Connecticut, and presided at formal administrative hearings and authored opinions on individual discrimination claims. In 2009, he obtained the first successful jury verdict for a hostile work environment claim due to the sexual orientation of the employee.

Professional License Hearings:

Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC is experienced in matters before state and local boards and agencies, involving license suspensions and revocations, for such professions as medicine, nursing, dentistry, teaching, attorneys, hair dressing, electrician, day care, accounting, home construction, auto mechanic, home improvement contractor, and funeral director.

Student Disciplinary Hearings:

Jon L Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC is experienced in representation of students and parents before disciplinary committees, hearing officers and school boards, both public and private, on disciplinary charges at both the school and college level. Attorney Schoenhorn has successfully litigated challenges on behalf of students to unfair disciplinary hearings on due process grounds against high school and university administrators.

Property Forfeitures:

Seizures of funds, real estate, bank accounts and vehicles by the state or federal government may be challenged as unconstitutional, unfounded or excessive. These challenges may occur administratively, or through the court system. Attorney Schoenhorn has represented both individuals and corporations in these matters.

General Litigation:

The attorneys at Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC are prepared to represent your interests on a variety of matters in court, in public hearings and at private arbitration proceedings. Whether you are sued or being sued, you are entitled to a robust and competent legal team that will fight for your interests.

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