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Joseph Ruiz

Law Office Of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC
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Joseph Ruiz
Law Office Of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC

Joseph Ruiz was born in Spain and raised in Houston, Texas. Following graduation from Klein Forest High School, Joseph earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from Vanderbilt University and his law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. While attending law school, Joseph clerked for a medical malpractice firm and served as a staff writer for the prestigious St. Mary’s Law Journal. As a newly minted lawyer, he worked in commercial litigation, representing large corporations. He quickly realized that his true passion was fighting for the freedom and constitutional rights of individuals charged with crimes.

After ten years of fighting in countless courtrooms for a big law firm and trying over 325 jury trials, Mr. Ruiz founded the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC with the mission of expanding access to exceptional, personalized DWI and criminal defense representation to the people of Harris County, and its surrounding counties, at reasonable fees.

Additionally, as a fluent Spanish speaker, Joseph is uniquely positioned to protect a broader cross-section of the community. Mr. Ruiz believes it to be an honor and privilege to advocate for his clients’ freedom. Joseph is happily married and enjoys playing basketball, reading, and traveling in his spare time.

Memberships & Affiliations

National Trial Lawyers, Top 100 Trial Lawyers Criminal Defense

AVVO 10/10 Superb Rating

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

DUI Defense Lawyers Association

State Bar of Texas, Criminal Justice Section

College of the State Bar of Texas

Municipal Justice Bar Association of Texas

AV Rated Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell

Lawyer-Scientist Designation by American Chemical Society

Houston Trial Lawyers Association

A Trial Lawyer Dedicated to Continual Growth

The State Bar of Texas mandates that lawyers complete at least 15 hours of CLE (continuing legal education) every year in order to maintain their license in good standing. As a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, Mr. Ruiz has committed to doing at least 30 hours of CLE annually. In order to stay abreast of the rapidly changing legal landscape and keep his sword sharp, Joseph far exceeds the College’s requirements by completing approximately 50 hours of additional training every year. The following represent some, but not all, of the additional training that Mr. Ruiz has recently undertaken to better prepare to defend his clients:

2/19/11 Renee Gonnzalez Practical Skills Traffic Law Seminar (7 hours)

3/4/11 Cross-examination (14 hours)

6/16/11 Investigation: How to get everything you need for trial or dismissal (1 hour)

8/12/11 9th annual top gun DWI blood, breath and beyond (13.25 hours)

8/20/11 19th annual traffic law update (6 hours)

9/9/11 Class C misdemeanors (1 hour)

9/22/11 2011 Legislative Update (1.5 hours)

11/17/11 Defending drug cases (1 hour)

12/9/11 Class C misdemeanors (1 hour)

12/9/11 Speaking engagement on trial tactics (3.5 hours)

12/15/11 Non-disclosures and expunction practice (1 hour)

1/19/12 The brain on trial: neuroscience and criminal conduct (1 hour)

2/14/12 Jury selection (1.5 hours)

2/23/12 Eyewitness identification: wrongful convictions & trial (1 hour)

3/29/12 ALR/Occupational license practice in Harris County (1 hour)

4/26/12 Federal practice (1 hour)

5/11/12 Class C misdemeanors (1 hour)

5/17/12 Trial tactics from the trenches (1 hour)

6/9/12 25th annual Rusty Duncan advanced criminal law course (17.50 hours)

6/21/12 Presenting the defense case: closing argument (1.5 hours)

8/10/12 Class C misdemeanors (1 hour)

8/25/12 20th annual traffic law update (7 hours)

8/30/12 Cross-examining expert witnesses (1.5 hours)

9/27/12 How to get what you need: subpoenas and open records practice (1 hour)

12/6/12 Notable proposed bills in the Texas legislature (1 hour)

1/11/13 Class C misdemeanors

1/31/13 Defending criminal cases: trial preparation (1.5 hours)

3/1/13 Handling you next DWI case (6.25 hours)

5/31/13 Training day: criminal law (9 hours)

8/17/13 21st annual traffic law update (7 hours)

8/22/13 Criminal defenses (1.5 hours)

8/23/13 11th annual top gun DWI (7 hours)

9/26/13 Closing arguments (1 hour)

1/30/14 Pre-trial motion practice (1 hour)

2/6/14 Understanding the Michael Morton Act (1.5 hours)

2/22/14 Renee Gonzalez practical skills traffic law seminar (7 hours)

3/26/14 Handling sexual assault cases (1.5 hours)

4/30/14 Effective jury selection (1.5 hours)

5/8/14 Forensic laboratory accreditation and cross-examination (2 hours)

5/28/14 Handling DWI cases (1.5 hours)

7/11/14 Lonestar DWI: blood draw cases (7.25 hours)

7/30/14 Opening statements: finding the theme of your case (1.5 hours)

8/16/14 22nd annual traffic law update (7 hours)

9/1/14 Legal writing credit for published article: Prostitution Trial Tactics (8 hours)

9/18/14 Standard field sobriety tests (1 hour)

9/18/14 How to win with bad facts (1.5 hours)

1/15/15 How to try criminal cases without being afraid (1.5 hours)

2/19/15 Guns & ammo for lawyers (2 hours)

3/6/15 A taste of jury selection (13.5 hours)

6/22/15 Self-study credit

7/16/15 How to secure an acquittal (1.5 hours)

8/15/15 23rd annual traffic law update (7 hours)

8/21/15 13th annual top gun DWI (7.25 hours)

11/12/15 Making objections at trial (1.5 hours)

11/20/15 Dealing with the practice: balance & ethics (6.25 hours)

12/10/15 Trial techniques: tips, tricks, and traps (1.5 hours)

1/22/16 Rethinking criminal justice (6.75 hours)

2/13/16 Practical skills traffic law (7 hours)

2/24/16 Petitions for non-disclosure & expunctions (1.5 hours)

3/4/16 Maneuvering search and seizure law (6.5 hours)


Community Outreach

Aside from providing excellent representation to its clients, the firm also takes pride in giving back to the community. Unfortunately, several members of Joseph Ruiz’s family have had to endure battles with cancer. The firm makes it a priority to donate a portion of its proceeds to non-profits geared toward the advancement of cancer research and treatments and is always looking for opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of cancer patients, especially children. Any non-profit organization seeking sponsorship from the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz is welcome to contact us today to discuss how we can team up to make a difference.

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