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Kate Dunnington

Becker Law Office - Louisville, KY
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Kate Dunnington
Becker Law Office - Louisville, KY

To Kate Dunnington, the Assistant Managing Partner at Becker Law Office, there’s more to serving clients than giving sound legal guidance. There’s also the more human side of providing emotional support for them during difficult times.

“A lot of times people are angry about the situation they’re in, and they’re nervous about what’s going to happen,” she says. “The part I like most about my work is talking with these people, connecting with them, and putting myself in their shoes as best I can. I try to help and direct them throughout the process, keep them informed and ease their minds as much as possible.”

Dunnington joined Becker Law Office in the summer of 2013 and currently handles mass injury cases. “I am intrigued by the science involved with mass tort litigation, and am fulfilled by helping people who have suffered due to the use of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.” She began her mass tort work by litigating infuse, a bone graft product manufactured by Medtronic that causes damage to her clients’ spinal cord. Her current work includes representing women injured by Essure, a permanent contraceptive device that causes injuries such as severe abdominal and pelvic pain, heavy bleeding and autoimmune disorders.

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