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Lawrence Fredella

Law Office of Lawrence Fredella
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Lawrence Fredella
Law Office of Lawrence Fredella
New York,

Mr. Fredella currently is a criminal defense attorney since October 2008 after he left the Kings County District Attorney's Office in Brooklyn. He has obtained excellent results for his clients, some of which are detailed in the Results section. He currently handles cases in each of the five boroughs of New York City. He has tried more than 75 felony jury trials as a prosecutor and a defense attorney combined.

Mr. Fredella served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County District Attorney's Office, from August 1994 to October 2008. From September 2000 until he resigned in October 2008, he served as a Senior Trial Attorney in the Homicide Bureau where he investigated hundreds of homicides. During his time in the Homicide Bureau he presented more than fifty cases to the Grand Jury and conducted more than 50 pre-trial hearings. Most importantly, he tried more than 30 murder trials to verdict as the lone trial attorney on the case with a 90% conviction rate.

In 1996, he served in the Investigations Bureau where he was a member of the DA's "Riding" Unit. This particular assignment, called "riding", required the Assistant District Attorneys to respond to crime scenes and police precincts at any time during the day or night to assist the detectives in their investigation. Mr. Fredella conducted the initial investigation during these rides on more than 270 cases including child molestation, rape and sexual assault, robbery, burglary, serious assaults, and over 100 homicides. As part of the riding investigation he conducted more than 140 sworn audio-taped statements from witnesses and more than 50 Mirandized video-taped statements from suspects or defendants.

He also conducted full investigations in numerous and various fraud investigations including welfare fraud cases, bank fraud, and check fraud, and general schemes to defraud.

At the end of 1996, he was assigned to the Narcotics Grand Jury Bureau where he presented over 100 narcotics cases to the Grand Jury including major investigations where informants and search warrants were involved.

In 1997, he was then assigned to the Grand Jury Bureau where he conducted the initial investigation of various felonies and presented more than 215 cases to the Grand Jury. These cases included assaults, burglaries, robberies, welfare frauds, check cashing frauds, auto larceny, forged instruments, and narcotics.

In late 1997, Mr. Fredella was promoted to Trial Bureau II Blue Zone, the felony trial unit where he remained for the next three years investigating over 100 major felony offenses. He conducted more than 20 felony trials with a 90% conviction rate on some of the most difficult, complicated, violent and non-violent cases, including cases involving fraudulent check usage, bank fraud, the sale of narcotics, narcotics search warrant cases, assaults, and handgun possession cases.

He also tried some cases that were covered by the press in New York City such as a violent home invasion burglary by defendant Robert Manino; a multiple incident robbery/assault case where the defendant, Michael Marsh, would injure cab drivers at knife point; and the violent gunpoint robbery of the Cobble Hill Movie Theater where the defendant, Harold Capers, impersonated a police officer to gain entry to the theater and then tied up the employees, assaulting some of them and stealing a large amount of money. All three of these defendants were found guilty after trial by jury of the top count on the indictment. Each received a maximum life sentence based upon their predicate status as mandatory persistent felony offenders.

After the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Mr. Fredella felt compelled to serve his country and joined the U.S. Army. In June, 2004 after volunteering to go to Iraq, he received Orders as an Individual Mobilization (IM) to deploy to Baghdad. Here are excerpts from Mr. Fredella's 2 evaluations written by his Commanders in Iraq in 2004:

From LTC "G", US Army: His work has included the authorization or use of DOD funds to offer rewards for the capture of key insurgent and terrorist leaders in Iraq. As a soldier in a combat environment he has excelled in physical readiness, tactical proficiency, small arms training, adn has served as a vehicle commander in combat convoys along one of the most ambushed routes in all of Iraq.

From COL "L", USMC: Superbly drafted a major revision of the Commanding General's Interrogation and Counter Resistance Policy in order to correct many of the problems discovered after the Abu Ghraib investigations. Served with distinction as a vehicle commander in combat convoys. Oustanding rifleman. Exceptional presence of mind. Has the heart of a warrior and mind of a gifted attorney. I want this officer with me in any combat engagement.

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