Marcie Ridley

Grabel & Associates - Lansing
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Marcie Ridley
Grabel & Associates - Lansing

A Proven Professional in Your Corner

With over a decade of favorable results at A. Scott Grabel & Associates, Mrs. Ridley has helped make our firm one of the most successful in the state of Michigan for driver's license restoration. She has experience in all areas of criminal defense, and has been a reliable asset to our firm. After many years of watching Mrs. Ridley successfully restore the licenses of our clients in many different legal situations, our firm has decided to solely dedicate her talents to our driver's license restoration cases. Our criminal defense team has been carefully selected and we are confident in our attorney's abilities. Mrs. Ridley is well versed in the laws regarding driver's license restoration and will work with the facts of your case to get your license restored to you as quickly as possible. While each criminal case is different and needs to be evaluated on its individual merits, we are confident in our abilities to get you a favorable result.

A Legacy of Passion for the Legal System

Born into a family of prosecutors, Mrs. Ridley has long known the legal processes of the criminal justice system. Knowledge of how the prosecutor's office works along with compassion for the issues that criminal defendants are faced with has given her a deep-rooted affinity for the rights of the accused. Her strong belief that all individuals have rights makes her an excellent addition to your criminal defense team. Mrs. Ridley's knowledge of the prosecutor's office allows her to handle your case proactively, know the next move that the prosecutor will likely make, and create an effective defense strategy.

Mrs. Ridley graduated from the University of Tennessee Martin and went on to study law the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. During her time studying law, she worked with the Federal Public Defenders Office of Western Michigan. She graduated cum laude and wrote for the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review. Mrs. Ridley first joined A. Scott Grabel & Associates as a law clerk and then became an Associate after her graduation from law school in 2001. Mrs. Ridley has lived in the Lansing, Michigan area for over fifteen years and is very active in her community.

Professional Associations and Memberships

Michigan State Bar

Awards and Recognitions

Thomas M. Cooley Law Review

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