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Marina Medvin

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Marina Medvin

Marina Medvin: Criminal Defense Advocate

Marina Medvin, proud owner of MEDVIN LAW, dedicates her practice exclusively to criminal defense in Northern Virginia Federal and State courts. The main Virginia law office is located in Alexandria and the satellite office is located in Fairfax.

Marina's reputation as a top rated, fearless, assertive, and dedicated trial attorney has grown her clientele list to include FBI's 10 Most Wanted, CEOs, celebrities, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, senior military officers, and local high-profile cases.

Below is a list of Ms. Medvin's specialties:

  • Possession of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • DUI, DWI, Driving While Intoxicated
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit and Run
  • Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, and Obstruction of Justice
  • Grand Larceny, Petit Larceny, Shoplifting
  • Assault and Battery, Malicious Wounding, Domestic Assault
  • Juvenile and Underage Charges
  • Firearms, Brandishing, Hunting, and Reckless Discharge of a Firearm
  • Embezzlement, Check Fraud, Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses
  • Federal Conspiracy Charges
  • Federal Charges for Drug Distribution, Bank Fraud and Wire Fraud

Excellence in Representation through Unique Defense Practice

When she opened her own law firm, Marina Medvin decided to provide defense services differently. Having worked at other law firms and having seen the complaints that clients commonly had with their representation, she decided to create a law firm that was structured to eliminate most of these issues.

1) Marina Medvin wanted to make herself completely available to her clients. Ms. Medvin answers most of the incoming calls to her office, and is frequently emailing and texting with her clients. The MEDVIN LAW paralegals and assistants have minimum contact with our clients. Ms. Medvin handles almost all of the client questions and issues personally.

2) She wanted to make sure that she provided each client with her undivided attention while in court, so Marina represents just one client at a time while in court, almost never having multiple appearances scheduled for the same day.

3) Ms. Medvin does not spread her practice across the span of all Virginia jurisdictions, and instead concentrates on the State and Federal courthouses in Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, and Prince William. As such, she is particularly well-familiarized with the Northern Virginia State and Federal prosecutors, judges, and procedures.

4) Ms. Medvin does not spread her practice across various other legal fields, instead concentrating exclusively on criminal defense. (Her life's art and passion is criminal defense. She is lucky enough to do what she loves every day of her life.)
This business model has provided Ms. Medvin with the unique opportunity of running a referral-based practice. Ms. Medvin's clients leave happy and satisfied. They refer new clients to the law firm, allowing Ms. Medvin to operate her practice without the need to ever pay for advertising.


Attorney Marina Medvin has been honored as a top attorney in the nation by being selected for the exclusive list of National Trial Lawyers 'Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

Ms. Medvin has received the 'Top Attorney - Criminal Defense' award from AVVO.

Ms. Medvin's clients have enthusiastically rated Ms. Medvin as the top rated attorney in Virginia on the public consumer reviews site for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. She also maintains 5 star reviews on

Attorney Medvin has received the 'Client's Choice' Awards for Criminal Defense, Federal Crime, DUI, and Juvenile Defense from AVVO.

Enthusiastically Endorsed by Attorneys

Ms. Medvin's attorney peers have given her glowing endorsements on the attorney peer-review site AVVO, calling her 'fearless,' 'outstanding,' 'incredibly smart and energetic,' 'passionate and aggressive,' 'well-prepared and thorough,' 'professional and courteous,' 'smart, tough, and committed,' 'professional and a zealous,' 'extremely knowledgeable,' 'caring, dedicated, results-oriented,' and 'first-rate.'

Personal Background

Ms. Medvin has been an advocate for justice and human rights since her childhood in New York City. She attended Penn State University, from which she graduated in the top 10% of her class with a Bachelors of Science degree. She fell in love with Virginia during a social visit after graduating from college and decided to make the Commonwealth her home. She proceeded to obtain her Juris Doctorate degree in Arlington, Virginia at the George Mason University School of Law, where she also served as a legal publications editor for the Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy.

Marina has volunteered with the local police department, assisting with training and education of police officers on issues of use of force. Marina is an admirer of travel and languages, has visited numerous parts of the world, and is fluent in Russian (having studied it in both high school and college).

As an avid believer in individual freedoms and fundamental rights, Ms. Medvin is actively engaged in upholding Constitutional principals. Marina has already litigated issues pertaining to the 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 6th Amendment, 8th Amendment, and 9th Amendment. She is always seeking new cases and opportunities to engage in Constitutional litigation and appeals. Marina Medvin enthusiastically supports Institute for Justice, Cato Institute, The National Rifle Association, and the Ayn Rand Institute.

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