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Megan Misko

The Young Firm
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Megan Misko
The Young Firm
New Orleans,

Born in Tyler, Texas, Megan knew from an early age that the law was her calling and steadily worked her way eastward, first graduating magna cum laude from Centenary College in Shreveport with a B.A. in history in 2002, and then graduating cum laude from the Tulane University School of Law in 2005. While studying at Tulane, Megan earned her certificate in maritime law and somehow found the time to serve as Senior Business Editor of the Tulane Environmental Law Journal. After serving for a few years as a defense lawyer for corporations, Megan made the decision to shift her career focus to representing injured individuals. 

When we asked Megan why she left defense work, she answered without hesitation. “I was tired of working for that bottom-dollar line. The big companies don’t realize — don’t even think! — about how an injury impacts an individual worker. These people are the lifeblood of their business and the entire Gulf Coast region. It’s far more important to help them through what’s likely to be one of the most difficult times of their lives than it is to ensure that their employers make or save as much money as they can. These workers, these people, need to get back to normal, to be able to resume their lives and their work with as little interruption or disruption as possible. I realized that I can help individuals make a huge difference in their lives, and that was far more rewarding to me than making a difference in a corporation’s balance sheet.” 

Megan knows that people aren’t looking for a handout or a band-aid solution. Injured workers want to work, want to return to the jobs they take so much pride in, the jobs that are “the lifeblood of the entire Gulf Coast,” and she has made it her personal mission to ensure that these workers are physically, mentally, and financially sound enough to weather their injuries and move on with their lives.

This attention to the needs of the individual is why she flourishes at The Young Firm, ensuring that her entire team is focused on taking care of their clients and returning them to their vital work as soon as possible. And if a return to work is impossible, Megan redoubles her efforts, ensuring that those who gave their bodies and capabilities to the Gulf Coast are properly compensated for their sacrifice.

Megan has been happily living in New Orleans since 2002. In those rare patches of downtime when she’s not fighting for her clients, Megan enjoys reading, running, and cooking.

Megan C. Misko has been a practicing attorney in New Orleans since 2005, primarily in the areas of construction law, products liability, and maritime personal injury litigation. She attended Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport, LA, and graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in History in 2002. Megan then attended Tulane University School of Law and graduated cum laude in 2005. While at Tulane, she earned her certificate in maritime law and also served as Senior Business Editor on Tulane Environmental Law Journal. Megan always knew she wanted to be an attorney; she was drawn to the legal profession at an early age. She finds her work very gratifying and she enjoys working with the law and her clients. Her favorite things about working with The Young Firm are the great people that she works with, the sense of teamwork at the firm, and the work that we do helping injured workers. Megan handles her cases with assistance from her Case Manager, Rebecca.

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