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Patrick Brown

Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala, PLLC - Tacoma
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Patrick Brown
Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala, PLLC - Tacoma

Patrick Brown was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, and moved to the United States at the age of 21. Three years before his move to the United States, he lost his father — his best friend — to a tragic auto accident, which thrust him into responsibilities far beyond his understanding. Not only was Patrick traumatized by his loss, he also had to plan his father’s funeral and decide what to do next. He faced a mountain of insurance issues and other legal and financial decisions, and didn’t know where to begin. Overwhelmed, he acted on a suggestion from a family friend to contact an attorney for help. That lawyer became his lifeline, guiding Patrick through the various processes and advocating on his behalf in every way. Looking back, Patrick sees that the care and knowledge the lawyer provided were critical to overcoming the hurdles he faced. He believes that no one should have to go through a traumatic experience and take on insurance companies without an advocate, and that is why he chose to become a lawyer and be a voice for the voiceless.

At PCVA, Patrick advocates for childhood sexual abuse survivors; vulnerable adults; and victims of traumatic, life-altering events. His practice extends to handling cases involving government liability, property damage, motor vehicle accidents, bad faith insurance claims and wrongful death. Although Patrick knows that he cannot undo the traumatic events his clients have experienced or bring back the loved ones his clients have lost, he can fight for justice and hold the wrongdoers accountable.

Patrick can trace his success as an advocate for injured people to his desire to help and take care of others. Before becoming a lawyer, he had a career in the medical field, working with children with disabilities, the elderly and individuals recovering from traumatic physical injuries. He learned that listening is critical when trying to arrive at a diagnosis and solution. Consequently, his law practice is very people-centered. When working with PCVA clients who have been traumatized in some way, Patrick knows that to help them, he must connect with them. He’s unguarded and upfront in his approach. He puts clients at ease by letting them know he understands how uncomfortable it is for them to tell their stories. Showing emotion does not make him uneasy; instead, he embraces the opportunity to provide guidance that allows clients to speak freely. He also assures them they are in safe hands and that he will advocate for them until justice is served.

Although the challenges of advocating for injured people are many, especially in childhood sexual abuse cases, Patrick feels privileged to serve others in his capacity as a lawyer. He ensures that his PCVA clients receive the most caring and competent counsel possible. He appreciates working with a collaborative team to fight for justice and having some of the brightest minds in the legal community on his team to take on insurance companies and large corporations. Patrick doesn’t care how wealthy or powerful the other side is; he doesn’t back down and won’t give up until PCVA clients get the best result possible.

Outside the office, Patrick is a husband and a father of three active boys. He enjoys traveling with his family and playing sports with his kids. Patrick is an avid snowboarder, so during the winter months, he takes every opportunity to head to the mountains. In the summer months, you can find him with his family at area lakes, camping and jet skiing.

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